8 Useful Ways Book Illustrators Can Be of Help to You as an Author

As an author, your job is to deliver a story with the help of your words. When you write a book, you give life to your imagination and enable the reader to live in the world of your creation. However, sometimes, the creation of your imagination can be so strong that it can be hard to portray. 

An illustrator can help you with that; with their artistic talents, they can lend a helping hand to your efforts, enabling you to deliver the entire essence of your imagination. An illustrator can significantly enhance the immersive powers of your book, leading to a richer reading experience. 

To better understand the role of a book illustrator, you need to read through the following steps.  


Add Life to Your Story

When you write your book, you try to paint a picture for the reader with the help of your words. This can take some serious skill and dedication to your work. You need to form a piece of writing that can transport the reader into a world of your creation figuratively. 

On the other hand, an illustrator can literally paint a picture to the readers of your book. By making use of their talents, they can bring your story to life. If you are looking to hire an illustrator in the UK, you can do an online search to find a suitable match for your book.

This will make it easier for you to tell your story, and with the added art, you will be able to make your book more appealing to anyone who is browsing the book aisles. 


Convey Character Details 

The characters of your story can hold a special place in your heart. When you write a book, you develop a special bond with the characters in your story. This can lead to some emotional distress when someone is unable to grasp the personality of the characters.

With the help of an illustrator, you can portray the characters in your story in their true image. An illustrator can create sketches of each character to highlight details about them. An illustrator can also help you represent the true personality of your characters to the readers.

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Visualise the World 

The setting in which your story takes place can be of great importance to the impact your book leaves behind. In order for your readers to truly appreciate your book, they need to understand the dynamics of the world in your story. 

This can be of greater significance when your book is a fantasy and your story takes place in a world of fantasy. An illustrator can help you paint a picture, which can be crucial for your readers to understand the world in which your story takes place.

Some of your readers will be able to imagine the world that you describe, but it can never hurt to make things clearer. By visualising your world on paper, your readers can gain a better perspective. 


Stage Up for Key Moments 

An illustrator can be your greatest asset when it comes to setting up the stage for a key moment in the story. Suppose there is a battle between the virtuous and the forces of evil in your fantasy book, and you need to set the scene; an illustration of it will make things clearer for the reader.

Similarly, if there is a point in your story with a high emotional impact and you want the reader to feel the emotions that your characters are going through, an illustration can make it possible for you to literally paint the emotions on their faces. 


Keep the Reader Engaged

Illustrations can provide you with a great way to keep your readers engaged. With the help of visual aids, you can make sure that your readers are following the story and there are no ambiguities left as to the character details and personalities.

The immersive effect that the illustrations create can also help you provide a more enjoyable and engaging experience to your readers. This will keep your readers interested in your story, which will make it possible for them to glide through it.


Design a Book Cover

When it comes to art, the cover of your book can be the most significant part of it. With the help of a book cover, you can give the reader an idea of what your book is about. You can also convey the genre of your book, which can attract a reader interested in that genre.

There is also a possibility of developing a theme in your book covers to make the upcoming parts of your book instantly recognizable. An illustrator can be a key player when it comes to designing a cover for your book. 


Provide Marketing Material

The art created for your book can make for excellent marketing material when it comes time to market your book. The cover designed for your book can provide instant recognition, and this is why it is also used in your book’s marketing campaign. 

You can also put the art inside of your book to use if you want to pique reader interest. The posters that are designed for your book will also be made by your book illustrator, which further highlights the importance of hiring an illustrator for your book.


Promote the Fan Base 

By hiring an illustrator for your book, you can also provide material for your book’s fans. When your book does well in the market, it creates fans of your work who will need things like merchandise and other memorabilia to make them feel closer to your work.

An illustrator can fulfil all of your artistic needs for your book as well as any merchandise that you would want to design for the fans. You can get the illustrator to design further iterations of your book characters to make posters for fans. 

You can also use this opportunity to drop hints for any upcoming parts of your book, which can give you an instant marketing advantage.

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