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Increase fluency in speaking, reading and writing English without the need to attend class or having to study with a teacher.

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Our language system will have you speaking English with a native accent, speak with instant corrections on all speech with over 280,000 audio recordings from natives.

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Our curriculum is aligned with international English Parameters for reading, writing, speaking and listening according to the CEFR

Speak Fearlessly

Never be afraid of English situations or moments. This program will have speaking by lesson one confidently.

Write with Ease

Our new tool makes it easy for us to analyse lesson data and assign homework based on each student's mistakes.

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Save time and money with 33,000 interactive lessons at your fingertips. Levels A1 to C2 CEFR

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Students are encouraged to complete the test in order to receive a personalized journey starting point.


Upon completion of the test, your level is assigned and you can begin preparing for class right away.


Learn English instantly with our innovative speech recognition software.

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Tests aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference are required for students enrolling in English Levels A1-C2. Please allow 20 minutes for testing, your level will be given instantly upon completion.

All student specific homework based on classroom mistakes.

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You can download both student and manager applications from both stores and have access to all the features of the Learn Laugh Speak English program

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