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Why Learn laugh speak?

Take Control

Get real-time updates on the participation and progress of employees across multiple key performance indicators with LLS Manager. Ensure that your staff are learning with efficiency by analysing data reports on entire teams, and at an individual level.

Strengthen Your Team

Provide your team with the resources to get them speaking English with confidence and clarity. Cut down on communication issues with efficient pronunciation training and access to over 280, 000 voice recordings of native speakers.

Personalised Help

Student specific supplementary coursework is generated based on the weaknesses identified during course progression. Quickly advance your English competency by focusing on the things you need help with the most.

Lessons Anytime, Anywhere

English lessons from the comfort of your own home or workplace without the hassle of organising an instructor. Enjoy learning at your own pace at the times that best suit you.

Speak Fearlessly

Never be afraid of having to speak English again. From professional through to slang language training, our lessons will have you communicating with confidence and clarity in all settings.

Fly Through Immigration

LLS is recognised by the International English Language Testing System. Sitting this exam is required for working, studying or immigrating to countries where English is the primary language. LLS provides the resources to ensure success in this assessment.

Steps To Start Learning Today


All students must complete a level assessment when they first login. We have 12 levels from A1 to C2 aligned with CEFR.


Upon completion of the test, your level is assigned and your personalized custom journey is created. You can make progress easily from today.


Start learning reading, writing, speaking & listening at the exact level for you. With 33,000 full lessons and instant corrections.


Keep up to date with our latest English blogs, and access downloadable tips and resources

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