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Learn English with Instant English Corrections for Speech and all Grammar A1-C2

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Sign up and start your 7 day free trial and Speak English Easily with Instant Correction on all Speech

Pass all up coming international test as our learnibng program is the only aligned fully with internationbal Testing Standards (CEFR)

Learn English with confidence and Speak your way to fluency while learning the grammar at home in your own time saving valuable class time Speaking.

LLS English Fluency Program is not just a Speech Correction tool. The only English Program designed to take you through all testing. Levels Pre A1-beginner C2 - Proficient START YOUR FREE TRIAL TODAY

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If students have completed a test recently please contact teacher@learnlaughspeak.com for an excepmption

The English Fluency Program

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Instant Corrections for All Speech

You Speak English we Correct all Speech Instantly while you are speak you learn English for levels A1-C2 

Homework Tasks SpecificTo Every Student

Grammar Tasks for You based only on what Mistakes you made in your most recently class 

32,000 lessons Full Digital Courseware

Progress through a learning Enrivorment for you to learn at your own speed while speaking English. 

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