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If you have any other question than these mentioned. You can contact us

Can I cancel anytime and how do I cancel?
You can cancel your subscription anytime. Contact a teacher directly within the application or on our website chat. Alternatively, access your account and manually cancel your subscription at any time.
What will I learn and will I learn reading, writing, speaking, and listening?
Absolutely. You will learn all aspects of English, including reading, writing, speaking, and listening, with instant corrections. Our interactive lessons focus on real-life situations relevant to work, personal life, and other engaging topics.
Do I receive a Certificate?

Yes, you will receive an internationally recognized certificate aligned with the CEFR framework for learning English, covering levels A1 to C2. This certification validates your proficiency in the language.

Can I change my level and choose my classes?

Yes, you can change your level by contacting a teacher in the application or on the website chat. Your initial level assessment at login determines your level, but adult learners can request a change to a more challenging level from our 12 available levels.

How long does it take to increase my level?

The duration to advance through levels varies based on your starting level, daily/weekly learning commitment, and the quality of your lessons. Some students dedicate 2-3 hours per day, while others invest the same amount per week. Your progress speed is influenced by lesson quality and learning from your mistakes in class.

Do you have a free trial?

No, we no longer offer a free trial. However, if you sign up and decide to cancel, you have a 7-day refund policy with no questions asked.

How do I get a refund?
You can request a refund within 7 days with no questions asked. Simply direct message us on the website chat or within the application.
Can I share my account?

No, you cannot share your account. Each account is personalized to your specific level for a customized learning journey.

What if I do not like the application?

If you are dissatisfied with the learning methods, you can request a refund within 7 days after your payment.

How do I cancel my account?

You can either speak with us or cancel it yourself in the “My Account” section of the website.

How quickly will I increase my level?

Each student learns differently, and it depends on how much time you can dedicate to learning each day. We recommend 30-45 minutes of quality study per day.

How long does it take to increase my level?

Your progress will be quick, depending on the number of mistakes you make in each lesson.

How does the speaking corrections tool work?

Each time you listen to a native speaker’s voice, you will record your own voice and be scored using our advanced voice recognition tool. To progress naturally and correctly, you need to score above 80 points in each question.

What are the voices I will listen to?

We have voices from native speakers in the USA, UK, and other English-speaking countries.

What happens if I do not understand something and get stuck?

If you get stuck, you can contact a teacher directly from within the application for support. They can quickly check your progress in your profile and provide you with quick and easy support to keep progressing.

What happens if I cannot access my account?

If you cannot access your account, you can request a new password. If you don’t have access to your email, you can contact a teacher through the website chat.

How do I change my payment method?
You can change your card and renew your old subscription at any time in the “My Accounts” section.
I am an old student and want to return to learning, is my progress still saved?

Yes, we never delete student progress. You can take a break for a month and return anytime, still having your saved data from the exact lesson you were up to before the break.

Do you have any discount coupons for my account?

We sometimes offer discounts but not frequently. If you are facing financial troubles but want to learn, we suggest contacting our teachers through the website chat for any support they can provide.

What country are you based in, and is my data safe?

Certainly, we are based in Australia and are an Australian company registered in Sydney City. If you have any doubts, you can ask our native English teachers anytime you have a question.