The purpose of this Policy is to provide transparency in the use of personal data and to protect the privacy of our USERS, as follows below.
1.1 General. This Privacy Policy is designed to communicate our practices regarding the handling (including collection, storage, use, processing and sharing) of personal data of USERS of Learn Laugh Speak (hereinafter referred to as the “platform”), which includes “platform”), which includes the website and its subdomains, applications, programs and other extensions. 
The platform is the property of Learn Laugh Speak PTY LTD  (“Learn Laugh Speak”), “Learn Laugh Speak” means Learn Laugh Speak Pty Limited ACN 656 495 939 (a company registered in the Commonwealth of Australia). This document explains how the agreement is made up and sets out the terms of our agreement with you.
1.2 What is personal data? Personal data is data provided by USERS, which can be used to identify them individually.
1.3 What is Sensitive Personal Data. Sensitive personal data is data about racial or ethnic origin, religious conviction, political opinion, membership of a trade union or religious, philosophical or political organization, data relating to health or sex life, genetic or biometric data, when linked to a natural person.
1.4 Who are the USERS?
a) Teachers
b) Students
1.5. Authorization to Collect Information. By using the platform, you accept and authorize the collection of information solely for the purpose of fulfillment of the services contracted, by clicking on the “I have read and agree to the terms” button terms” button, under the terms of this privacy policy.
1.5.1 You may withdraw your consent to the provisions of this Privacy Policy at any time, simply by notify Learn Laugh Speak at teacher@learnlaughspeak.com.
1.6. Regulations. The platform operates in accordance with Brazilian legislation, including and especially with the terms of Law no. 12.965/2014 (the Civil Rights Framework for the Internet) and Law No. 13.709/2018 (the General Data Protection Law) and other laws that Protection) and other laws that may be applied.
1.7 Contact. If in doubt about the Privacy Policy of the Privacy Policy or any other information, the USER may contact contact the administrators via e-mail at teacher@learnlaughspeak.com, which will be answered during business hours, from Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
1.8. Information Control. This Policy describes what personal data may be collected from USERS while they use the platform’s services of the platform, how this information may be used and the precautions taken against unauthorized access to or use of this information.
2.1 Registration data. Learn Laugh Speak may collect, store and use the following following information and/or personal data of USERS:
a) Name
b) E-mail
c) Audio
d) Images
a) Name
b) ID
c) CPF
d) E-mail
e) Country
f) Address
2.1.1 Image collection. Learn Laugh Speak may also collect and store images to enable you to define a profile image. This profile image will be visible to all users of the platform. The collection takes place manually, where you will choose that you want to select a photo.
2.1.2 Audio collection. Learn Laugh Speak will also be able to collect and store audio so that you can carry out speaking practice exercises. Each audio is processed to give you a comparative score to a native speaker. This audio will be available on the platform for your teacher.
2.2 Usage data. Learn Laugh Speak may also collect, store and personal data classified as “usage data”:
a) Registration in a database of any files or information uploaded to Learn Laugh Speak by data subjects;
b) The details of access to Learn Laugh Speak and the resources that the owner accessed;
c) Information on the access device used, including, for example, hardware model, operating system and version, file names and versions of the files, preferred language, unique identifier of the advertising identifiers, serial number, device movement information and network information;
d) Server log information which may include information such as the device’s such as the device’s IP address;
e) Browser click mapping, browsing data, statistical and demographic data, among others;
f) Application click mapping and browsing data;
g) Access data.
2.3 Purpose of Data Collection. The personal data collected by Learn Laugh Speak fall under the following purposes and legal bases:
Registration data
– Identify the USER;
– Validate access to the platform;
– Carry out communications with the USER.
– Student: Execution of contract
– Teacher: Consent
Usage data
– Creating statistics and metrics;
– Develop improvements to the Platform;
– Audio during exercises.
Legitimate interest
3.1 Exceptions to Sharing Personal Data. Learn Laugh Speak does not disclose to third parties any personal data provided by USERS, through the Learn Laugh Speak platform, except:
a) Cases in which Learn Laugh Speak is obliged to disclose or share the data collected, in order to comply with a court order, or for the purposes of prevention of fraud or other crimes, as well as in response to the request for information from a competent authority, if we understand that the disclosure is in accordance with or required by applicable laws, regulations or procedural procedures;
b) To protect the rights, property or safety of Learn Laugh Speak and the platform;
c) With law enforcement officials and/or government authorities, if it is understood that their actions are inconsistent with the provisions in our terms of use, or to protect the rights, property, or safety of Learn Laugh Speak, its USERS, or others;
d) By the USER’s own action;
e) In the event of a sale, partial or total, of the business or its assets, or as part of any reorganization or restructuring of the business, merger, spin-off or incorporation, so that Learn Laugh Speak may share USERS’ information with third parties who are part of their respective businesses, taking the necessary measures to ensure that privacy rights continue to be protected, in accordance with this Policy.
3.2 Contact and Disclosure Authorizations. USERS authorize Learn Laugh Speak to contact them using any of the means of contact provided when registering with Learn Laugh Speak.
4.1. What Cookies are. A cookie is a piece of information stored locally on the USER’s computer or device, and which contains information about the USER’s activities on the Internet.
4.2 Cookies used. Cookies can be used in different ways and modalities. Learn Laugh Speak may use:
a) Performance Cookies: This type of cookie collects anonymous information on how USERS use the platform in order to optimize it. The information collected by these cookies never contain personal details from which it is identify you.
b) Functional Cookies: these cookies are used by the website for functionalities. For example, a cookie that lets you know if the user has chosen the “Keep me logged in” option so that the site automatically logs the user into their account the next time they he returns to the page.
c) Advertising Cookies: These cookies collect information about your browsing habits in order to make advertising more relevant to you and your interests. They remember the websites you have visited and share this information with other advertisers. In our case, we use third parties, such as Google, to offer you more relevant ads while you are visit other sites on the Internet.
d) Necessary Cookies: essential for browsing. They are used strictly for the provision of the services offered, why acceptance is not necessary due to legitimate interest.
4.3 Access to cookies. Access to cookies ends as soon as the USER closes the browser. The USER is given the possibility of accepting or refuse cookies.
4.4 Consent to Use Cookies. The acceptance of the USER, before starting the section, for Cookies to be used.
4.5. Option without Cookies. The owner may choose to refuse the use of cookies. If the USER chooses not to accept them, their access to most of the information available on the platform will not be compromised. However, the holder may not be able to make full use of the services offered.
5.1 Rights of Personal Data Subjects. USERS have rights in relation to personal data held by Learn Laugh Speak, which may be exercised by contacting the company’s administrators at e-mail teacher@learnlaughspeak.com, which will be answered during business hours, from Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., within 15 (fifteen) days and may be sent by e-mail or letter, in accordance with the provisions of article 9 of the LGPD, in order to ensure the following rights:
a) Right to confirmation of processing – Right to request confirmation of the existence of processing of their personal data through clear information on the origin of the data, the absence the criteria used and the purpose of the processing;
b) Right of access – the right to be informed and to request access to personal data processed by Learn Laugh Speak;
c) Right of rectification – the right to request that Learn Laugh Speak amend or update your personal data when it is incorrect or incomplete;
d) Right to erasure – the right to request the deletion of your personal data collected by Learn Laugh Speak;
e) Right of restriction – the right to request that Learn Laugh Speak ceases, temporarily or permanently stop processing all or some of your personal data;
f) Right to object – the right to object, at any time, to (i) the processing of your personal data on grounds relating to your (i) the processing of your personal data for reasons relating to your particular situation and (ii) the manipulation of your personal data for direct marketing purposes;
g) Right to data portability – the right to request a copy of your your personal data in electronic format and/or to transmit said personal data for use in the service of third parties;
h) Right not to be subject to automated decisions – the right not to be subject to decisions taken solely by automated means, including with regard to profiling, if the decision has a legal effect on you or produces an equally significant effect on you.
5.2 Exception to the Exclusion Request. The USER has the right to request deletion of their personal data stored at Learn Laugh Speak at any time, except except in cases where there is a legal obligation or court decision to maintain data storage, in accordance with the provisions of articles 18, XVI, and 16 of the LGPD.
5.3 Incorrect information. It is the data subject’s responsibility to keep their information up to date. In the event of incorrect information, Learn Laugh Speak may may update or delete it, except in cases where it is necessary to maintenance for legitimate commercial or legal purposes.
5.4 Necessary Protection Measures. Learn Laugh Speak takes the necessary measures to protect USERS’ personal data and to protect them against loss, misuse, access, disclosure, unauthorized loss, misuse, access, disclosure, alteration or destruction.
5.5 Password protection. USERS are also responsible for taking appropriate measures to protect their passwords, usernames and other special access usernames and other special access features of their personal registration with Learn Laugh Speak.
6.1 Changes to the Privacy Policy. Learn Laugh Speak may change the Platform’s Privacy Policy from time to time. The use of information collected is now subject to the Privacy Policy in force. If Learn Laugh Speak makes changes to the way it uses personal information, it will information, it will notify USERS by sending an e-mail.
6.2 Non-Notified Adjustments. Minor adjustments to this Privacy Policy may occur without significantly affecting the ways in which Learn Laugh Speak treats the information collected, so they do not need to be informed.
7.1 Sending Communications. USERS, by registering, agree to Learn Laugh Speak sending them e-mail notifications, newsletters, advertisements, news about the services and important information about the use of the use of the platform that require their attention.
7.1.1 Opt-out. When you receive an e-mail from the platform, you can opt out of receiving them, using the opt-out option or by requesting an e-mail.
7.2 Anti-spam policy. The platform takes the necessary precautions to unsolicited e-mails.
7.3 Confidentiality. Maximum confidentiality is ensured in handling of the telephone and e-mail lists during regular Learn Laugh Speak administration tasks. 
8.1. Storage. Your personal account data and all information on the platform are stored and transferred securely on servers and only employees authorized by Learn Laugh Speak may have access to your personal information, and are obligatorily subject to the duties of confidentiality and strict respect for your privacy under the terms of this Policy.
8.2 Information Security. All Learn Laugh Speak transactions are encrypted, subject to data backup, monitoring tools, security policies, access controls for employees, with updated security software.
8.3 International Data Transfer. The questionnaire states that there is no there is no international data transfer, it is necessary to find out from IT which the server used by the platform.
8.4 Notification. If Learn Laugh Speak becomes aware of any violation of its own its own security or that of hosting companies, including intrusions, data leaks or any other information security incident, we will information security incident, we will notify the national authorities, the USERS affected, about such breach and we will provide as much details regarding the nature, extent of the breach and the data compromised, within a reasonable period of time, in accordance with the provisions of articles 48, § 1 of the LGPD.
8.5 Storage Period. Learn Laugh Speak will store USERS’ data for as long as the USER’s registration is active.
8.6 Data Protection Officer. It is hereby defined that Juciel de Freitas will be Learn Laugh Speak’s Data Protection Officer and may be contacted at teacher@learnlaughspeak.com.
9.1 User liability. USERS shall be responsible for indemnifying Learn Laugh Speak for all costs and damages it may incur, as a result of their violation of this Privacy Policy.
9.2 Cooperation with Authorities. Learn Laugh Speak fully cooperates with any authorities or courts that may request disclosure of the identity or location of any person who has posted any material on the platform that violates the provisions of this Policy.
9.3 Limitation of Liability. This Privacy Policy addresses only the use and disclosure of information collected by the PLATFORM. If USERS disclose their information to websites of third parties, different rules may apply to the use of your information.
10.1 What data we collect. Learn Laugh Speak does not collect existing data from your Google account. We only create new secondary calendars and events according to events created in the platform’s calendar. For each event we store the meeting link.
10.2 Why we collect this data. All the data collected is strictly necessary for the calendar integration to work correctly. Once the Google account is connected, Learn Laugh Speak will create events in Google Calendar according to the events created on the platform.
10.3 Security. Learn Laugh Speak securely stores and encrypts the data identifying your account. Once the USER disconnects the account, all data is removed from our database.
11.1 What data we collect. Learn Laugh Speak does not collect existing data from your account. We only create new video call links according to events created in the platform calendar. For each event created we store the meeting link and its identifier.
11.2 Why we collect this data. All the data collected is strictly necessary for the calendar integration to function correctly. Once the Zoom account is connected, Learn Laugh Speak will create links video call links in Zoom according to events created on the platform.
11.3 Security. Learn Laugh Speak securely stores and encrypts the data that identifies your account. Once the USER disconnects the account, all data is removed from our database.