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Turn Your Love for Translating Speech Into a Career

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How to Turn Your Love for Translating Speech Into a Career

If you enjoy languages and interpretation, consider becoming a translator if you are in the job market. What’s more, if you are bilingual, this should be an easier process as you’ll have the benefit of knowing and understanding two languages. So, if that’s you, and you are proficient in one or more languages, here are some helpful tips on launching your career in translating.

Become completely fluent in both languages

One way to set yourself apart from the competition in the job market is to ensure you are as fluent as possible in both languages. You can do this by obtaining the necessary certifications or even an advanced degree to help you stand out from fellow jobseekers.

Look for requisite training and translation

Even though you might know the ins and outs of the languages you specialise in, you may still need to do specialised training to learn more about the skills you’ll need to do your job effectively. This is where enrolling in an accredited translation training school can help you become even more of an expert in your field.

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Familiarise yourself with local terms and industry-specific jargon

Depending on the industry you want to go into, you might have to further upskill when it comes to industry-specific terms and jargon you’re likely to encounter. This way, you’ll be better prepared for when these terms do come up, as you will have already learned them and will be able to understand and translate them better.

Starting your own business in translating

Suppose you figure that starting your own business would be the right career direction to go. If so, you’ll most certainly want to create a business plan to ensure that you follow all the necessary steps you need to make your translation business a success. You may want to include details about how you intend to market your services and how your business will be structured, as well as include a description of what your business is about, how you intend to build up the funds you need to launch your business, and what your financial projections will be.

Marketing your translation business


Once you have all the other details in place, you’ll need to think about how you intend to market your business to ensure you spread the word about your services as far and wide as possible. Social media will probably play a big role in how you advertise your translation services. For example, you can upload a PDF to Facebook in some cases if you want to highlight your services, pricing, and other important information. Moreover, this will be a time saver because you won’t have to respond to every customer query as all the information will be right there on your business Facebook page for people to look over when they arrive on your business page.

Get some experience under your belt

One way you can get a feel for your day-to-day workday is to get some experience under your belt before you land the job of your dreams. This is quite simple to do by offering your services on a freelancing platform, for example, to take advantage of short-term projects. This can also help build up your confidence in translating.

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These are just some of the steps you should be taking if language is your passion and you envision this career path to be something you wish to do for the foreseeable future.


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