Things you need to know about earning a Communications Sciences and Disorders Bachelor’s degree online

The world of technology is rapidly evolving, pulling with it all other industries, and education is far from being an exception. The field of education has taken giant strides in keeping up with the times and it’s now perfectly feasible to earn an accredited, well-recognized degree online, with the use of just an internet connection and a laptop or a tablet.

The field of Communication Sciences and Disorders is an important field in this day and age of an increasingly interconnected world. It provides a crucial insight into the world of communication processes through the prism of sciences; linguistics, psychology, and biology.

The students address language, speech, and hearing challenges, exploring and learning about language development, audiology, and speech sound development.

Various career opportunities within a multitude of industries await holders of undergraduate degrees in this discipline, whether they obtained their Communications Sciences and Disorders degree online or the traditional, classroom way.

Because of a big demand for professionals in this field, numerous universities and colleges have now made it possible to earn an online Communications Sciences and Disorders degree. Studying from home at a personalized schedule and pace offers plenty of benefits, especially for working professionals and parents, so it’s becoming an increasingly popular option, with very few downsides.

This article will look into the different online programs and degrees within the field, explain their typical admissions requirements, as well as give you an idea of potential career choices and average expected salaries offered to holders of an online degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders.

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What does it take to get accepted into online Communications Sciences and Disorders programs?

Admissions requirements for online degrees usually don’t differ greatly from those of traditional degrees in the same discipline, and that goes for online Communications Sciences and Disorders undergraduate programs as well.

You will need a minimum average GPA score, which will vary between colleges, your original transcripts, and sometimes even your SAT scores.

Any relevant work experience or community service might help you get in, so remember to compile any letters of recommendation and write a compelling letter of purpose to best highlight your competencies and motivations.

You will be highly advised to make sure that your technical hardware and software are up to date and course requirements, and try to have a stable Internet connection during classes.

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Different online Communications Sciences and Disorders programs and degrees

There are many different programs you can choose from within the field of Communication Sciences and Disorders. Choosing the right one will depend on you, your strengths, fields of interest, levels of prior knowledge, and how these align with the program’s specifics such as schedule, flexibility, future career opportunities, etc.

You can usually choose between a Bachelor of Science(BS) and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Communication Sciences and Disorders. The former will have a more scientific approach to studies, while the latter will incorporate a more interdisciplinary angle, intertwined with coursework from other disciplines such as linguistics, education, and psychology.

Popular topics that are often chosen as the focus of studies include Speech Science, Audiology, Developmental psychology, Language disorders, and Language Development to name just a few.


Careers and Salaries

Undergraduates with a degree in Communications Sciences and Disorders have the luxury of being able to choose between a large number of positions within an already large, but constantly growing, number of industries. These positions offer a wide range of salaries and income opportunities, so it is crucial to get yourself acquainted with the specifics of each program and how it pertains to your future career opportunities.

Speech-Language Pathologists are usually considered to be at the top in earnings, closely followed by Audiologists, and both are expected to earn an average salary of over $80,000 per year.

Teacher’s assistants, on the other hand usually report an average yearly salary of around $30,000, so there is a significant difference to consider.

Other positions within the field such as Healthcare Support Workers and Technical Writers, may make an average of $40,000 and $80,000 respectively.



There is a growing demand for undergraduates and graduates of Communications Sciences and Disorders, which has resulted in the increased popularity of online degree programs in the field.

It’s a very rewarding field of studies with many schools offering personalized and student-centered programs that guarantee academic progress and development, as well as preparedness for the increasingly competitive professional environment.

Online Communications Sciences and Disorders degree programs are an excellent choice for you if you appreciate flexibility, versatility, and above all, communication!

This article was not written by Learn Laugh Speak and is a guest writers post. 

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