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The Fluency program for English Language – Full Break down

What is LLS?

What is Learn Laugh Speak English AI tutor and the fluency program. This tutor is like no other it is reading, writing, speaking and listening tool designed for you to learn English with only a guide from the teacher when you need. It is designed for those students who do not have the time or patience for teachers or want a teacher but only every now and again. The Academic Curriculum has been designed for learners of All levels we match you with your group level specific and you have a group a teacher. 

what is LLC

The business was brought to life 3 years ago by Bryce Purnell a young entrepreneur from a small town on the coast of Australia 4 hours from Sydney. Looking for something new he wanted to sink his teeth into something a little different from his usual restaurants and franchise mindset. Throwing himself a well established but “stuck in it’s way” industry that needs a shake up Bryce never shied away from a challenge.

The old the traditional methods are the hardest to change but people will accept results and progress, when they see, notice and trust the journey this is not an over night success. Students these they days want to be overnight success in English and life and unfortunately these people promising the world 10 mins a day and you will be fluent in 3 months… They lie. We combine old school methods with current 2022 new AI tech in Education and we will show the results from our students. 

We have broken this up into two sections of the business, our already running conversational clubs and now we have combined the structure needed to combine conversational clubs with the academic curriculum. In the conversational Areas inside we have combined our already running conversational clubs with the use of the academic plan to give you structure and our Live groups to join in and give you live practice. We all need a little live practice at some stage, if you are busy this is the perfect solution for you and if you have been studying English forever we will give you a end.

We found fluency, you just have to trust the journey 

  • Live Talks with Native Teachers from around the world
  • Live Lectures from some university and school teachers from Australia, UK and The United states of America
  • Weekly debates and other speaking events to get your mouth clapping and that LLS speak flowing.
  • Internal communication with your group manager and access to your progress reports weekly. The progress report is provide with mistakes from your lessons explained in details along with the explanations and exercises to back up the work you have done.
  • Corrections in class are done by the AI based Tutoring application

brush up your learning with LLS

When is LLS?

The time for you to begin is now. We have a limited time and the results you will start once you allocate the time for this. Focusing our time and where we put our time is what separates us from each other. You can begin now, with less the $1 a day. You could be in the hot seat doing 2 lessons per day and boosting your level from pre-intermediates to upper intermediate to advance in just a couple of short months. Possibly 1 month would take you. Remember we have unlimited lessons no limit .

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