10 Rules of Marketing

Part1. Remember these tips and for English practice highlighting your words which are “new” coming back to them later to confirm knowledge.

Part2. To rewrite the numbered information with your own words from memory. This is not about grammar it is about comprehension and cohesion practice.

1. Create the best content for your audience

This all starts with creating content that helps people; and it would be better

still if the content excites and thrills. When you publish a great piece of

content it helps get people’s attention, and more importantly, it gets shared

across multiple platforms and that’s good for business because it spreads

your message and gets people to know your brand and what it represents.

So make sure your website has all the right tools to make this work.

Optimize it properly with widgets and any button that you find useful.

Facebook and Twitter buttons are a must for any business but if your

business focuses more on visuals, then add in a Pin It button to the

images. When you publish new content start by going through all your

profiles and share the new post with your audience so you can get that first

wave of traffic.

2. Optimize the content

It’s important here to remember that only a fraction of your entire audience

will actually see the content, and only a fraction of those people will share

the content. This fraction is significantly lower for on Facebook and Twitter

so you may need to work on the content in order to make sure each post

gets as many views and shares as possible. That way half your audience

won’t just be a statistic.


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