Confidence in Student Learning in Languages Vital. By students learning with only correction from the system and not a personal wrong it eliminates the fear students will have to speak. When speaking English is the fastest way, it is only effective when the students speak.
Without Enjoyment There is No Progress . There must be a motivating factor for students to learn a great deal. without this motivating factor there will be no progress. LLS sets out to weekly prove progress to our students with data to ensure you always keep your motivation. Because we generally do things Progress will not happen without this factor.we like, if we are not good at something we do not like it. Making for the "laugh" in Learn Laugh Speak
Breaking all the Rules from Classrooms to maximise Speech . A total of 32,000 interactive, fully digitalised lessons with voice recognition software allow for maximum interaction. Flipping classroom norms and focusing on English.
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