Talking IELTS topics and Focus on listening

Those who know how IELTS testing works will do better on it. Make sure you’re familiar with the format and rules, as well as what is expected from a test taker during this process in order to achieve their goals!

The IELTS Academic test is designed for students who want to study in a English-speaking country and pursue higher education. The General Training version can be taken by anyone without any previous knowledge of the language, but its score won’t count towards your overall total if you take it after June 2014 as that was when these new rules were introduced!

The four part audition process starts with three tests on one day. The first two are listening and reading, then you have a break before taking your written test (there’s no need to worry about which order these in). Finally there is speaking; this can be done either at the same time as writing or seven days afterward depending upon where we are located geographically!


The IELTS listening test gives you an idea of how well-versed in different topics and languages your comprehension skills are. You’ll be asked questions about what someone says, including things such as main ideas or specific factual information that they’re telling us at any given time; recognition for opinions/attitudes towards speakers’ arguments developed over time–and ability to follow their development without getting distracted by other noises around them!

You will be listening to four recordings of native English speakers and then writing your answers on a series questions. These conversations range from normal social interactions all the way through academic subjects such as lectures or tutorials, so there is something for everyone!

All About the IELTS:\ The test consists of 40 questions and you will get one mark for each correct answer. There are different types of tasks such as multiple choice, matching exercises that require short answers or essays on topics like plans/maps etc., labelling drawings with labels written in English; form filling among other things which make up this tough exam but don’t worry because we’ve got your back! We provide detailed explanations so take some time out from studying to browse through them – no stress whatsoever here 🙂 You can also check how much information is needed before taking it by looking at our website here.

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