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How to speak for an international living & get paid

Do you dream of becoming an international speaker? Do you want to share your knowledge with the world and help people learn and grow? If so, you’re in luck! In this blog post, we will discuss some tips that will help you get started on your journey to becoming a successful international speaker. Let’s get started!

#01: Start by developing your speaking skills.

One of the most important things you need to become a successful international speaker is strong speaking skills. You need to be able to engage and connect with your audience, convey your message in an interesting and engaging way, and hold their attention throughout your talk.

#02: Attend public speaking workshops and courses.

There are many great workshops and courses out there that can help you improve your speaking skills. Take some time to research what’s available in your area, sign up for a workshop or course, and practice as much as possible.

#03: Watch videos of famous speakers online.

Watching videos of famous speakers can give you some great ideas on how to improve your own speaking skills. Watch their speeches, analyse their techniques, and see what works well for them.

#04: Join a public speaking group or club.

There are many public speaking groups and clubs out there that can help you develop your skills and learn from other speakers. This is a great way to get practice in front of an audience, meet new people, and learn from others who have experience in the field.

#05: Get involved in Toastmasters International.

Toastmasters International is a great organisation that can help you develop your public speaking skills. They offer workshops, courses, and support to members who want to improve their speaking abilities.

#06: Start small and work your way up.

Don’t be afraid to start small when it comes to public speaking. Start by giving presentations to friends or family, then move on to smaller groups, and eventually work your way up to larger audiences.

#07:Learn the Art of Speech Writing

A big part of being a successful international speaker is mastering the art of speech writing. This involves knowing how to capture your ideas and thoughts in a clear

#08: Be prepared for questions from the audience.

One thing you need to be prepared for as an international speaker is questions from the audience. You need to have answers to common questions ready, and be able to deal with any unexpected questions that may come up.

#09:Avoid cold calling.

One of the best ways to become an international speaker is to get involved in public speaking events and workshops.

#10:Be passionate about your topic.

One of the key things that set successful international speakers apart from the rest is their passion for their topic.

#11:Know your audience.

Before giving a presentation, it’s important to know your audience and what they’re expecting from you. This will help you tailor your talk to their needs and ensure that they get the most out of it.

#12:Be organized and prepared.

Make sure you know what you’re going to say, have all your materials ready, and practise beforehand so that you’re confident with your material.

#13:Use visual aids effectively.

Visual aids can be a great way to enhance your presentations and help engage your audience. However, it’s important to use them effectively and not overload your presentation with too many visuals.

#14: Be aware of your body language.

Your body language can say a lot about you as a speaker, so it’s important to be aware of what you’re doing wrong and correct it. Some common mistakes include slouching, fidgeting, and using too many hand gestures.

#15:Use effective delivery techniques.

Delivery is one of the most important aspects of public speaking, and there are many techniques you can use to improve yourself.

#16:Never stop promoting your speaking services.

As an international speaker, it’s important to always promote your services. This means maintaining a strong online presence, networking with other professionals in the field, and being proactive in seeking out speaking opportunities.

#17:Stay positive and motivated.

Public speaking can be challenging at times, so it’s important to stay positive and motivated throughout the process.

#18:practice, practice, practice.

The best way to improve your public speaking skills is to practice as often as possible. This means giving presentations at every opportunity you get, and seeking out feedback from others so that you can learn and grow from your experiences.

#19:Be prepared for rejection.

Not everyone will be interested in having you speak at their event, and this is something you need to be prepared for. Don’t let rejection discourage or upset you.

#20: Stay humble and grateful.

No matter how successful you become as an international speaker, it’s important to stay humble and grateful for everything you’ve been given.

To become an international speaker takes a lot of hard work and dedication. However, with these tips to help get you started, you are on your way to becoming a successful speaker making difference in this world. Remember to be passionate about the topic know the audience is well-prepared and organized effective visual aids good body language effective delivery stay humble and grateful. Finally, practice as much as possible to improve your skillset.

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