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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Learn Laugh Speak and other English learning programs?

It's simple, we are the only company that offer a full self guided english program that makes english easy to learn aligned with international testing standards. Lessons with a teacher are not required. Any time a student has access to the internet, they can learn their own custom journey.

How do you know if your students are getting the best education?

Laugh Speak is the only fully self-guided English program with more than 33,000 lessons that are digital and align with all international standards set by the Common European Framework of Reference for Testing.

Why is Learn Laugh Speak better than other self-guided applications for speaking?

Learn Laugh Speak is a full 33,000 lessons where we help students through the process of no English to Fluent English. We can guide students from levels A1-C2. With out the need of stress and expensive teachers. We work with new technology and provide students with interactive full immersive experience of learning English.

What is the difference between the learn laugh speak affiliate program and the learn laugh speak website?

The homepage is meant to be the beginning of your journey with Learn LLS. The affiliate program offers more detailed and automated results in earning income from teaching English.

I am a teacher, can I sign up to your affiliate program?

Yes, absolutely. The Learn Laugh Speak Affiliate program is the world's first and only self-guided English program making English easy to learn. This program is design for teachers to onboard their own students into a private area which they can monitor on a seperate application and check on the progress of their students if they wish. Teachers can provide this program to students and still encourage them and help them if they wish. Our teacher team will be available for support to any teachers who are affiliates to provide materials. Our Grammar checking tool will send student specific homework is sent every lesson

What is CEFR and why does it matter when learning languages?

CEFR is an acronym for Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. It means that we use the most common, established exam system of Europe which all member countries agree on. This is the only way to make sure that everyone studying abroad is on the same level and no one is accepting more than they are capable of. Using this allows us to guarantee a high quality, fair learning environment with good content and excellent customer service. International immigration uses this grading system in 40+ countries that speak English for visa testing

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between affiliate and ambassador?

There is no difference between affiliates and ambassadors. Teachers, ambassadors, and anyone interested in promoting our program professionally, fun, and excitingly are welcome to apply.

Do I need to speak English to promote Learn Laugh Speak.

No not at all! We have an audience of non-native English speakers making this perfect program for you to promote. We have no problem and we have our support chat with avaialble translation for student to contact teacher support in the native language to make for a seamlessly effortless

How to I become a affiliate for Learn Laugh Speak?

You can register for free with Learn Laugh Speak and start promoting our program within the same day. Once your profile is approved by our teacher team you will be given all the tools to promote our program.

How long does it take to learn English with Learn Laugh Speak?

It is our goal to have students speaking English from lesson one. We focus on our learn program on speaking. We understand that people want results instantly but we have to require 2 hours per week from our students. Student will learn and build confidence from lesson one making them a fearless speaking English student.

Can I make money with the Learn Laugh Speak Affiliate Program?

Yes, absolutely! We have the most effective affiliate program available. We provide a wide variety of opportunities for marketing and following our social media account in order to make money. We are working with the worlds top affiliate program. Our partners and Learn Laugh Speak are dedicated to helping you succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I promote Learn Laugh Speak to get more affiliates?

To promote our easy English learning program to your students, show them that you find it very useful. Let them know that this is the easiest English program they will ever experience in their lifetime. Inspire your students to join the affiliate program and let them know how much of an advantage they have because they are your students. For new affiliates, tell them that you understand that they are just getting started and teach them how to build a better relationship with their customers by offering free content every day or week.

I am a student learning English, what is the best part about Learn Laugh Speak?

The best part is that you can learn English through our courses and watch real people speaking in English. Students find their English voices. They speak English easily and with the corrections coming from a digital English program rather then a teacher. It takes the emotion our of learning English. Our affiliates will all have access to see our program and they will all be able to learn for free once a minimum student sign up is achieve they will have monthly access included in their package.

Is there any cost involved in joining the Learn Laugh Speak Affiliate Program?

Learn Laugh Speak is not a pay-per-sale affiliate program, so there are no costs related to joining. You will recieve payments on a monthly basis based on your sign ups. A sign up is after the free trial. There is only the opportunity to earn and learn with Learn Laugh Speak.

How do I get started with the affiliate program?

You can sign up for our affiliate program by clicking on the "register now" button, then offer it to your friends. You will get commission when they sign up and keep using your link to get new students to sign up. This will ensure you get a recurring payment each month. We are focused on building a team of people who are dedicated to ensure students learn English right laugh more and Speak English easily!

Does Learn Laugh Speak offer any type of language support?

Our team members, teachers and instructors can help students with learning English. As a student starts on the course, they are able to have all their questions answered by our teacher support. We are dedicated to helping our students finish our English program at C2. We will guide them and support them through the whole process.

How can we get our students to start learning English?

All our affiliates have to do is promote our link and our website using their custom link. Learn Laugh Speak is the only self-guided English program with 33,000 lessons. Signing up is simple and easy, and affiliates will be paid each month as students learn.

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