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Your current learning Level is A1. According to the Common European Framework of Reference for Testing (CEFR)

In 2 weeks you can increase this level with 30 minutes per day.

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Modules you will complete before you advance to the next level

Learn Laugh Speak A1 Academic Learning Curriculum

The Can Do Report
What Students Can do when Completed A1
Educational topics Taught: 
  • Verbs to be (all forms). 
  • Personal & Object Pronouns. Adjective Pronouns  (common & Demonstrative) 
  • Definite and Indefinite Articles
  • Plural Forms of Nouns Possessive Adjectives “s” Genitive Case.. Common Prepositions including “in, on, at, from, to”.
  • Present Simple (all forms) 
  • Prepositions of time  Prepositions of Place
  • There is (All Forms)
  • There are (ALL FORMS) 
  • Past simple with modal Verbs – CAN 
  • Future Plans (going to)
  • Structure “to X with”
Functions of Language A1
The Functions Taught in A1
1. Family Life
Educational Goal:
Functions of language:
2. Appearance & Personality
Educational Goal:
Functions of language:
3. School Life
Educational Goal:
Functions of language:
4. Natural Wonders & Travel
Educational Goal:
Functions of language:
5. Places in Town​
Educational Goal:
Functions of language:
6. World Events
Educational Goal:
Functions of language:
7. It’s my body​
Educational Goal:
Functions of language:

The fluency Program

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