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New Updates To Help Our Students Learn English Easier

Our team has worked diligently to bring about several improvements and updates to the Learn Laugh Speak application. The newly introduced “message a teacher” feature, along with the option to email results, and many more advanced functionalities to our reports and managers reports will provide users with an even more engaging learning experience.
So take a look at what we’ve achieved and discover a new way to enjoy the process of learning.
Approx 20% of The World's Population Speaks English & You Can Too

Photo of the steps needed to take to message a teacher in the application. Message a teacher anytime function

Our Learn Laugh Speak application has now made it effortless for students to message a teacher of their choice directly from within the program. All the student has to do is pick the instructor, enter their queries and click send. The teachers will receive the message and respond rapidly to enable the student to continue on their journey.
This advantageous new addition helps our students to avoid the necessity of leaving the app to receive support and can even spare them time in their quest for knowledge. The messaging facility additionally enables instructors to assess the parts where the student is struggling and furnish them with tailored help. This assists in ensuring that students can receive the assistance they need promptly and go ahead with their educational path.
Our new Message a Teacher function is an easy and practical way for our students to obtain help and support from our instructors without needing to exit our application, and we are thrilled to provide this feature to them and watch them progress with their studies!
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Emailing of Results and Certificates Certificate for students who finish their level.

At Learn Laugh Speak, we know how important it is for students to have a record of their accomplishments. That is why we have added a feature which sends an email to students each time they pass a level on our language platform!
These emails contain the official certificate corresponding to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) guidelines. This way, students can quickly track their progress and stay motivated by their achievements. In addition, teachers and parents can witness the progress of their learner with ease.
Our goal is to make the student’s success visible and easily accessible, while encouraging them to keep going on their language learning journey.

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Approx 20% of The World's Population Speaks English & You Can Too

report image New updated manager reports for progress 

We understand the criticality of providing managers with up-to-date and precise data concerning their team’s advancement. 

To meet this need, we’ve constructed new reports and manager reports to help track students’ progress.

The student ranking report and student progress report give managers a thorough comprehension of their students’ achievement and development, offering them the insight they need to keep everybody encouraged and advancing.
Furthermore, our manager application gives managers real-time data regarding their teams, enabling them to stay ahead of any changes in their team’s performance.
We’ve also incorporated a points-scoring system that can give feedback and accolades to the students doing well.
By incorporating these reports and manager applications, Learn Laugh Speak endeavors to provide managers with the resources they require to ensure their team is progressing and learning daily. Our new reports and manager applications grant managers with a convenient way to access data about their team’s performance, guaranteeing each student is pushing toward their ambitions and realizing their highest potential.

Working With Managers and Team Leaders We Drive Progress!

At Learn Laugh Speak, we appreciate the pivotal part that managers and team leaders play in the triumph of our students. Our platform allows administrators to add new students, eliminate old students, administer service tests and service test sequences for customer service firms, and menu tests for waiters and restaurant managers. This guarantees that our students remain up to date with the English required for their jobs.
Moreover, our platform provides managers with comprehensive reports and feedback on student development, so they can make decisions based on accurate data.
This assists them to establish goals for their teams, recognize areas that need to be improved, and monitor progress over time. Our collaboration with managers and team leaders allows us to motivate advancement and ensure that our students are constantly up to speed with their English language abilities.
Through utilizing our platform, managers can support their teams to accomplish their objectives and succeed in their individual industries.

How Learn Laugh Speak Helps Teams Learn English.

Learn Laugh Speak enables busy students to remain on course with their language acquisition, regardless of their current location.
We offer levels A1-C2, so students can complete a test to find the level that’s right for them.

Our mobile application allows users to access lessons anytime, anywhere, thus making it easier to fit studying into their timetable.

Additionally, the app provides an overview of their accomplishments as they progress through the courses. Students can obtain feedback from instructors regarding their progress and performance, and can also quickly message a teacher if they require any assistance.
We understand how important it is to keep learners enthused and passionate. To accomplish this, we offer a selection of engaging tasks and activities that make studying enjoyable.
Our innovative teaching style ensures each student gets the most out of their lessons. Personalized reports are also supplied to each student, allowing them to have an in-depth look at their strengths and weaknesses, as well as guidance for improvement.
At Learn Laugh Speak, we are strong believers in the capability of language learning to open up new possibilities for busy students. By providing comprehensive curriculums, comprehensive feedback and individualized reports, we help them stay motivated and achieve their full potential.
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