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If you’ve been learning English for a while now and can read English at an intermediate level (or with Google Translate), I recommend checking out USA Learns out. This Alison offering, sponsored by Advance Learning, an online trainer known for its IT courses, simply helps English-speaking students master the nuances of the English language. Free to test, this 40-hour course is funded by the US Department of Education and Culture’s Office of English Language Learning.

Coursera’s offer

Coursera offers this 16-hour course for students who want to learn how to improve their English in business communication. With 45 minutes to watch anytime, this Perfect Speaking course is comprehensive enough to prepare students for the two most common English language exams: Cambridge English and IELTS Life Skills Speaking and Listening. These courses can be tailored to the specific English skills you wish to master, or you can ask to study all parts of English. Additionally, each lesson includes written notes about what you will learn to help you understand how you read in English.

In this way, you will be able to learn the basics of English reading and writing before moving on to the more complex rules of written English. If you speak at least one of these languages, you can use Duolingo to learn English grammar and vocabulary through reading, writing, and some speaking practice. Duolingo has more courses for native speakers who want to learn English, so check their website often for launch dates.

Here you can find a list of books in English with activities and lessons to help your child learn English. The use of textbooks and activities at home and in the classroom helps to accustom a child to learning English. This book will help prepare your children for future English language exams and use their listening, reading and writing skills.

Learning with Laughter 

Learning with Laughter allows children to use tasks, worksheets and exercises to help them learn new English. Learning From Laughter is written by experienced English teachers who have created the perfect book for budding learners. Children will learn about the English Made Easy program and have the opportunity to practice while learning. This book starts with teaching beginners all the way to advanced learners, so if you enjoy this book while trying it out, you will be able to improve your English skills with each book.

Students also become fluent enough to speak clearly and confidently, read at an average level, and understand English well enough to watch movies and TV shows. Like many other online English language programs, English-speaking students learn the basics of finding, applying, and interviewing for jobs in the United States. Knowing English allows you to start work from anywhere in the world and become an attractive candidate for any job.

We all know English is the official language in 60 of 196 countries, so knowing how to speak English will change your travel experience forever. If you speak English, you no longer need to rely on translations and subtitles to enjoy your favorite books, songs, movies and TV shows. You can of course speak English by yourself, but you will learn faster if you speak to someone else. You may find it less intimidating to practice with other English learners who may make mistakes, or you can practice with native English learners so that both of you can correct each other.

If you don’t know other people who want to learn how to speak English, there are many places to find someone online. The best classes can be a great way to practice your speaking skills, meet other English learners, and take charge of learning English. Watching TV sitcoms is one of the best ways to improve your English vocabulary and learn to speak English more fluently. Here are 10 reasons why modern American sitcoms should be an integral part of your English learning diet.

Speak Easy

While “Speak Easy” will teach you how to improve your accent and speak English. English conversational and you will also learn to understand basic humour through dialogue. English is classy and informal and is a great example of how young Americans communicate with each other.

It’s full of everyday English used by young people and you’ll also see how people who don’t speak English as their first language can make some very funny mistakes if they don’t understand the language properly through Fez. All the characters in the series are very different and you can learn great English to communicate with your friends. In The English We Speak, the BBC focuses on idioms and expressions, one of the last steps in mastering the English language.

You may find it helpful to keep a small notepad in your pocket to quickly jot down new words you learn on the go, whether from everyday English conversations or browsing them on language learning apps. An interesting study also shows that listening to music in a new language can help you learn grammar rules more easily, similar to what you did when you first learned to speak as a child.

Learn English with us

Simply put, even if you regularly study vocabulary exercises, grammar and theory lessons for several weeks, if you do not learn English by speaking, you risk not learning how to combine these skills. These classes provide all the resources you need, but you can find additional English learning materials just by browsing the internet.

Even if you don’t listen to some English learning podcasts right away, notifications will help you remember your learning goals. Lindsey and Michelle are committed to helping you relax, have fun and learn authentic and natural American English through their All Ears English podcast for intermediate and advanced learners around the world.

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