Kids Early Start Program 5-11yrs

Fluency in a language comes from speaking it and immersing yourself in it. The program encourages children to speak English as they learn it in an enjoyable and fun way. Additionally, kids can get immediate feedback on their pronunciation and speech.

Why Children Love to Learn with Us

Get a headstart

All 6000 lessons are full digital and have instant feedback. Speaking English provides the fastest results for children.

Practice Vital Speaking Skills

Parental guidance helps kids learn through guided experience. Minimal encouragement is required for the first 1 or 2 lessons.

Build Valuable Confidence

Instant corrections on all speech while in a first day at school lessons style. Finding your child's English voice before other classmates

Interactive Gamified Class

The goal of this program is to help children learn English by speaking it in a fun and interactive way

Students are Prepared for English Classes

Your children can progress through lessons by speaking English with instant corrections by our innovative new feedback tool

Speak English in Private

Children can enjoy their first steps in English from the comfort of their own home.

Find Your Child's English Speaking Voice Today!

Give your Child a Headstart on Learning English!

Graphic of our English learning Application.