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Fluency in a language comes from speaking it and immersing yourself in it. The program encourages children to speak English as they learn it in an enjoyable and fun way. Additionally, kids can get immediate feedback on their pronunciation and speech.  

Speaking English Can Be Easy For Your Child!


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From the very first lesson, children will receive immediate corrections in their speech. Please feel free to contact our native teacher support team for any assistance.

As the only internationally recognized English program aligned with all parameters of testing for reading, writing, speaking, and listening, we understand the importance of English.

Children ages 6-11 can progress through lessons by speaking English with instant corrections.

To understand a language and be fluent, you need to speak it and immerse yourself in it. With this program, children are encouraged to speak English as they learn it in a fun and entertaining way. Additionally, kids can get instant feedback on their pronunciation and speech.  

6000 Full Digital Lessons that have instant feedback on all speech.

LLS Kids is a program that is designed to help you build your kids pronunciation in English. It's a fun way for them to learn English through the power of speaking

Speak English with confidence

Instant corrections on all speech while in a first day at school lessons style. meeting and greeting from classroom activities. Speaking their way to English confidence

Kids learn through guided experience with help from parents

The program is full digital but with our interactive program parents will need to help with motivation and encouragement but after the first 2-3 lessons students will want to compete and learn in the gamified environment

New gamified version separate to our regular program

This program is designed for children to learn English through speaking it, instead of reading or writing.

Parents love LLS for their Children.

Speaking English changes the future of your child talk to us today to find out how your child can begin today in a self guided program. 

Get The Best Start For Your Children


The Ultimate Kick Start!

Access anywhere with a Laptop

The LLS program is the ultimate beginner course to help your children progress through lessons by speaking English with instant correction.

School environment setting

Learn Laugh Speak is the 6000 lessons that will have your child learning English and ahead of his class.

The best beginning

Children can enjoy their first steps in English from the comfort of their own home.

Individual English courses

LLS Kids is an individualized English Learning program that teaches kids at their own pace by speaking English with instant correction and native-speaker feedback.

Ultimate kick start

The Kids Edition of LLS is designed for children from 6-11, and it offers a more fun way to learn English by speaking with immediate feedback.

Easy to use

LLS Kids is an intuitive program that helps kids progress through lessons by speaking English with instant correction.