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How to Sell More in a Restaurant: English Phrases to Upsell Politely

Are you an English student working in a restaurant? If so, you know that selling more is key in a restaurant setting. But how can you do it without sounding pushy?

The answer is simple: use polite English phrases to upsell and increase your sales.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the most effective and polite phrases you can use to upsell and sell more in a restaurant setting. Read on to discover how to make the most of your sales with just a few simple words.

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Is everything alright with your meal?

As a server in a restaurant, it is important to make sure that your guests are happy with their meal.

To do this, you can use the phrase

“Is everything alright with your meal?”

This simple phrase will let your guests know that you are checking in on them and that you care about their dining experience.

You can ask this after they have finished their meal, or at any time throughout the course of their meal if you think something might be wrong. It is important to note that the way you deliver this phrase is just as important as the words themselves.

Make sure to use a warm and friendly tone of voice when asking this question, so your guests feel comfortable expressing any concerns they may have. By asking this simple question, you can ensure that your guests are happy and satisfied with their meal, which will increase customer loyalty and word of mouth referrals.

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Can I get you anything else to drink?

When guests are enjoying a meal at your restaurant, it’s important to make sure they have all they need. A great way to upsell and provide excellent customer service is to ask if they need any additional drinks. This could be another glass of wine, an extra beer, or even just a top-up of their water.

Using polite phrases like

“Can I get you anything else to drink?”

This will show that you care about their experience and allow them to get more out of their meal. It also helps boost sales, which is key for any restaurant!

Don’t forget to be attentive – if guests have empty glasses, don’t wait for them to ask for a refill – be proactive and offer to top them up.

If they are still enjoying the same glass, politely ask if they need any more. Don’t be pushy or insistent, but remember that offering drinks is one of the main services you provide as a restaurant.

By being proactive and asking if guests need any more drinks, you will create a better dining experience for them and increase sales. It may seem daunting, but with some practice, you can learn how to upsell politely and effectively!

Do you have room for dessert?

When it comes to dessert, your customers may think they’re full and don’t need anything else. However, if you suggest a small bite of something sweet, they may be more tempted. You can make your guests feel like indulging in something delicious without feeling guilty about it.

Ask them politely if they have room for dessert by saying phrases such as:

“Would you like to finish off your meal with something sweet?”
“We have a delicious selection of desserts on the menu. Is there anything that catches your eye?”
“Would you like to try one of our famous desserts?”

By suggesting desserts, you’re giving your guests a pleasant experience and are likely to make more sales. Plus, when you phrase it in the right way, you can do it politely and without pressure.

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Would you like me to wrap that up for you?

It’s a great idea to ask customers if they would like their meals to be wrapped up, so that they can take it home with them or enjoy it later.

This way, you can show your customers that you care about their experience and are looking out for them. It’s a polite gesture that will help build customer loyalty and trust.

When asking customers if they’d like their meals wrapped up, the phrase “would you like me to wrap that up for you?” is a great way to do it in a polite and professional manner. Not only does this phrase give customers the option of taking their meals home, but it also shows that you’re going the extra mile for them. This can help build customer satisfaction and loyalty, as customers know that you care about their experience.

In addition to being polite and professional, using this phrase will also help you increase sales. Asking customers if they’d like their meals wrapped up gives them the option of taking more food home, which can lead to more orders. Customers may be more likely to order larger meals if they know that they can take some home, which will lead to increased sales for your business.

Overall, using the phrase “would you like me to wrap that up for you?” when asking customers if they’d like their meals wrapped up is a great way to show them that you care about their experience. Not only is this phrase polite and professional, but it can also help you increase sales. So next time you’re in a restaurant, make sure to use this phrase to make your customers feel welcome and appreciated.

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