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How to Begin Learning English Today: Learn Laugh Speak Guide to Progress

If you are desiring to enhance your English skills and are not sure how to begin, look no further! Learn Laugh Speak is here to provide you a comprehensive guide to commencing English learning.
With the help of our incomparable approach, you can make strides towards mastering English and improve faster than you ever thought possible.
Don’t put off the process any longer – start today and experience the success of English learning with Learn Laugh Speak!
Make Progress With Your English Today Easily & Correctly A1 to C2

Take our free level assessment test 👆🏽

Do you want to find out how advanced your English level is? Let Learn Laugh Speak take you on a personalized learning journey with their free level assessment test!

This test has been carefully designed to assess your comprehension of reading, writing, speaking and listening in English, giving you a thorough view of your competency. It ensures you don’t have to suffer through learning material that’s either too simple or too complicated.

What’s more, the assessment is simple to use and can be taken anytime and anywhere, since it’s available online. Once the assessment is completed, Learn Laugh Speak will provide you with a customized learning pathway tailored to your particular level, interests and needs, offering you an obvious beginning and route for your English language studies.

Click here to take the test today! 


Most students are learning at the incorrect level or not learning at all.

Many students embarking on their English-learning journey may not have an accurate grasp of their current level, with some overestimating and others neglecting their studies altogether.

At Learn Laugh Speak, we prioritize establishing an individual’s baseline proficiency through a free assessment test, with results guiding the development of a tailored learning program.

By beginning at the appropriate level, our students can effectively focus their efforts and work towards their desired language objectives, from developing conversational skills to passing a proficiency exam.

To witness firsthand how this approach benefits our learners, watch the video showcasing the journey of a student who began by contacting us directly.

The Role Learn Laugh Speak Plays in Learning English With Technology


After your level assessment go to your custom journey starting point

Now that you have taken our complimentary level assessment test, it is time to embark on your English learning experience with Learn Laugh Speak. A significant benefit of our program is that it is custom-made to suit the needs of each learner.

Once you receive your level assessment results, you will be directed to the suitable beginning point for your journey, enabling you to commence learning without delay at the correct level.

Our program is split into twelve levels, from introductory Pre-A1 to highly developed C2, with each level split into distinct stages. This way, you can progress at a rate that works for you. Our course is intended to cater to students with different language ability levels, thus there is no need to worry about being left behind or overwhelmed.

In addition, we provide you with a comprehensive curriculum that conforms to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), the globally acknowledged standard for assessing language proficiency.

This guarantees that you receive a quality learning experience that equips you for actual-world contexts where English is spoken.

By embarking on your English learning journey with Learn Laugh Speak, you not only gain access to excellent resources and assistance, but also save time by being able to learn wherever, whenever.

You can access our program on both computers and mobile devices, enabling you to conveniently learn anytime, anywhere.

Don’t Waste Time – Take the Learn Laugh Speak Free Test Now!


Start learning reading, writing, speaking and listening instantly

Take our free level assessment test to start your tailored language journey with Learn Laugh Speak! Our platform is designed to help you learn the skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening, with curriculum designed to align with CEFR parameters. Comprehensive grammar lessons, vocabulary drills, and speaking exercises can help you improve your English abilities more efficiently and effectively.
Learn Laugh Speak is available on both desktop and mobile, allowing you to study anytime, anywhere, such as on your commute or break. Plus, the user-friendly interface helps you track progress and stay motivated throughout your English learning journey.
For any level, from beginner to advanced, Learn Laugh Speak has something to offer. Start your English success today, with our easy-to-use platform, curriculum and CEFR alignment.


Learn Laugh Speaks Academic Curriculum is aligned with all parameters of the CEFR

At Learn Laugh Speak, our objective is to provide our students with the highest-quality English education. That’s why our lessons are designed to abide by the CEFR, or the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This is a global standard utilized to rate language ability, as well as providing an outline for teaching and measuring improvement.

By conforming our academic content to the CEFR, we can ensure our students are learning English with relevance to the internationally accepted requirements.

We want to aid our students to hone their reading, writing, speaking, and listening abilities, all while focusing on grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Our courses are engaging and structured, granting our students plenty of chances to practice what they are learning.

It’s because of our curriculum that our students make huge strides in their English education. No matter if you are a beginner or have more advanced skills, our program can meet your current level and guide you towards where you wish to be.

If you are determined to refine your English language skills, there’s no better choice than Learn Laugh Speak. Our curriculum is associated with the CEFR, giving you the most possible chance of success in your English education.


English Should Be Is Easy to Learn & Not A Mystery For Students To Solve


Learn Laugh Learn – LLS 

At Learn Laugh Speak, we believe English should be a source of fun and pleasure. That is why our online platform has been built to provide an easy, convenient and accessible learning experience.

Our approach allows learners to learn English anytime, anywhere, and at their own speed, accommodating busy lifestyles. On our platform, you can access an array of learning resources such as videos, quizzes and interactive activities. 

Our engaging and motivational materials will help you stay on track and evaluate your progress through personalised feedback.

We offer everything needed to master the English language, whether it’s the ability to read, write, speak or listen that you need to improve. All our course materials are of the highest quality, following the standards set by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Learn Laugh Speak is committed to helping you reach your communication goals in English.

Save time by learning anywhere anytime

As a student, every minute of free time is precious. But with Learn Laugh Speak, you can maximize these short moments to advance your English language learning. 

With the app, you have the liberty to go at your own pace and make the most of your 15-minute breaks between classes, hour-long commutes, or any other time of the day.

The app has over 33,000 lessons with instant corrections so you can use them in any moment of your day.

The content is interactive and engaging, so you won’t ever get bored while learning. This way, you can save time in the long run and take control of your learning. With Learn Laugh Speak, you have the capability to make progress anytime and anywhere.


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