Flipped Learning the most under rated English Learning Method.

Have you ever heard expression “laughter is the best medicine”? Well, for many of us it’s true. So why not try laughing your way to learning English? We believe having fun is a great way to learn. Don’t get me wrong: we still do all the regular classroom activities like reading, writing and conversation practice. But if students are able to have some fun while they’re doing them then their learning will improve considerably!

What if learning English became the most enjoyable part of your day? When you see results and you have the feeling of improvement you cannot top this in any environment because you know you have chosen the right method or process to learn.

Learn Laugh Speak

Learn Laugh Speak is the brainchild of Bryce Purnell a 33 year old man from Sydney Australia. He began this journey a while back and learn laugh speak was created while traveling through Mexico.

The what learn laugh speak about is about the fluency program for English learners of all levels. It is our mission to change the way people learn by improving their speaking, listening and writing skills. So why do I choose to learn this way. The answer to this is easy, I am more than likely passionate about things that can be quantified as a trend when they could be presented in a video, posted on Facebook or Google plus and also easily found on YouTube. If it’s trending I want to follow the trend or get in there and make it my own, How do I do this?

The flipped classroom is a method of teaching foreign languages, in which the direct instruction moves from the group learning space to the individual learning space. This allows for more time during class to work with student individually and improve their speaking skills.

What is Flipped Learning and how does Learn Laugh Speak use it

The flipped classroom is not a new idea, however it is becoming more popular due to the advancement of technology. Technology has changed the way we communicate with each other and will continue to change our society as we move forward. It seems only logical that education should reflect these changes by focusing on developing the students’ communication skills.

Many teachers argue that they are already doing this by incorporating technology into their classrooms. However, they are still using technology to teach English grammar, which means that they are relying on written modes of communication rather than spoken ones. The flipped classroom is when our English classes are fully focused on speaking rather then focus on English pens and paper style. We have turned the classroom into a confident speaking partner who can speak and correct your speech with any levels of English.

Speaking has proven to be time and time again the fastest way to learn English

Speaking has proven time and time again to be the fastest way to learn English. With no doubt a clear understanding, confidence and what seems to be results. The perfect process of learning English and Confidence brings the best results and once you have this working in perfect harmony you can just trust the process.

Teachers across the world have been challenged to change their traditional English teaching ways. As teachers, we are aware that all of our students learn differently. Some students are visual, others are auditory and others are kinesthetic. This means that, in order for all students to learn effectively and efficiently, we need to teach using a variety of techniques, not just the ones which come naturally to us. This is where flipped learning comes in!

It is pointless to test if you aren’t going to get the right feedback. Some people spend thousands of pounds on tests and get just a few graphs and a sheet of figures. I’m not being rude, but it’s downright cheeky when all you get is this. We at Learn, Laugh, Speak have taken it one step further. We give you your results with all the facts and figures, but we also give you feedback on how you could improve in certain areas.

We all learn differently

They say that everyone is different; that certainly seems to be true. But how different are we? We’ve noticed that classrooms haven’t changed much over the years. That’s why we want to push classroom learning a step further by bringing conversation clubs into English classrooms. Our lesson plans will provide you with a well-balanced education, combining core curriculum with conversation skills. With our help, you’ll reach your full potential!

We’ve noticed that classrooms generally don’t change, so we are going to push this to another level by bringing some of that to English classrooms. We have combined our focus on speaking with our already successful conversation clubs, and structured academic Learning and Reporting through 32,000 lessons designed to teach you all you need.

So…. What is flipped learning

Flipped learning is when the classroom instruction is done at home, in the form of videos or podcasts, and class time is spent with the teacher helping students with any problems they might have had during their ‘homework’ (the video or podcast). This means that class time is fully focused on speaking rather than focus on English pens and paper style. In other words, we have turned the classroom into a confident speaking partner who can speak and correct your speech with any levels of English.

Agreeing with this method, I provide a variety of videos which give useful information surrounding grammar points or speaking opportunities. For example, I believe it is important that you do not only hear British English but also American English so you can see how the same sentence sounds different when spoken by different people.

The main advantage of flipped classrooms is that students get to learn in a more effective way and also save time and money. The downside is that it requires teachers to spend time on preparing the lectures for their students. , which can be time-consuming. Teaching is the most challenging profession in the world. Although the number of teachers has been increasing, it is still hard to find good teachers. It takes a year or two before new teachers start seeing improvements in their teaching skills and their effectiveness as educators. .

Effectiveness VS Marketing

This has led to delayed teacher effectiveness in most schools. Another disadvantage is that using flipped classrooms requires branching students with different learning styles. The biggest argument for this is that when the students are more aware of themselves and their learning preferences, they have the ability to choose which classroom teaches them better.

Flipped classrooms are an instructional model where students watch pre-recorded lectures at home, while they attend the class at school.

This model is a result of a shift in technology and how learning is facilitated. Many of the concepts and ideas discussed in the lecture videos are then discussed in class. If students want to ask questions, they can do so during class.

This model began as a way to allow students more time at home, but has evolved into a way for educators to monitor student learning without having to be directly present in the classroom.

Flipped classrooms have become an effective to increase engagement and student achievement, without the interference of instructor distractions. This model has also been used for professional development and one-one instruction.

Ask us for a 7 day free trial so you can Learn Laugh Speak with the Native Speakers today. This is the easiest way to manage your English Learning Career. The most comfortable way to learn English is finally reachable.


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