7 qualities of an entrepreneur

When did it become lesser of the bunch working for someone else or 9-5 job that generation think is less of achievement and more of noble achievement, if you are Instagram famous in two seconds. But what made it cool to be out there unstable or are these guys fake gurus but fake Entrepreneurs? I feel it became a way of the internet but if you are one of the greatest you can read it and tick all the boxes 10/10 for effort or no effort?

There are a tiny number of people who wake up every day and say that they are excited to go to their job. There is an even smaller number of people who wake up and declare that they are happy to work for “the man” and listen to a leader. Most people dream of working for themselves and running their own business.

They want to be an entrepreneur, and they want to work for themselves. However, not everyone is cut out to lead the life of an entrepreneur. To be an entrepreneur, think differently than everyone else. While most people seek refuge in their daily lives, entrepreneurs like to seek risks and challenges. They don’t want to work at a 9 to 5 job; they want to create jobs and help to better the lives of those around them. Their primary goal is to be creative. They don’t follow the market; they work to define it.

The belief that successful entrepreneurs are born, not made, is absurd. Contrary to what many think, anyone can learn entrepreneurship. Successful entrepreneurs all possess a standard set of characteristics. If you want to develop an entrepreneurial mind, you’ll need to make sure that you develop some of the same traits if you don’t already possess them.

Successful people have certain habits and ways of conducting themselves compared to most people. This allows them to get more done during the day and allows them to have the right mindset that is needed to be more successful.

Some people are lucky enough to be born with these characteristics, while others incorporate them into their daily lives. Here are the seven traits that you to have if you want to be more successful in your life

1. Tenacity

The first characteristic that successful people possess is tenacity. What does tenacity mean? When someone has tenacity, it means that they don’t take failure personally and they will keep working, sometimes for years, to get the things that they want in their life. When you have tenacity, you will never give up and will always bounce back when things get in your way and not quit when you run into obstacles or experience setbacks.

Instead, when you possess tenacity, you always try something new, or you try to find another, more straightforward, way to do something. When others get frustrated, they often just give up and return to their old, comfortable way of doing things. This is not the case with successful entrepreneurs. When entrepreneurs get frustrated or fail, they merely shrug their shoulders and continue to move forward with their plans.

2. Passion

No matter what you believe or what you’ve been told, you can never find success if you aren’t passionate about what you do. Think about it this way; when you continually show up to a job that you don’t like, what usually happens? Do enjoy the work that you do daily?

  • Are you given raises every year?

  • Are you given the opportunities to advance?

  • Are you given promotions?

If you aren’t passionate about the work you do, the answer to these questions is usually no.

Most people don’t enjoy their jobs and don’t like to spend time at work. This results in them not being able to see any improvements or changes in their situation, keeping them stuck in the same position as before. Alternatively, when you are more passionate about what you are doing, the chances are higher that you will go the extra extra mile when performing your work

3. Acceptance

Unknown The unknown can be scary. It can make it difficult to know what is going to happen or if something is a good idea. The unknown means that there are risks involved in everything that you do and that everything has the possibility of going completely wrong. Most people dislike the unknown, making it easier to stay in a job or at a company they don’t like just to avoid the risk of the unknown.

They want the security that goes with never making a change, knowing that everything will always be taken care of for them. This mindset, while safe, will never help them become successful. Successful entrepreneurs have come to accept the things they don’t know.

6. Self-Belief

The next thing that you need to have in your life if you want to be successful is self-confidence. If you don’t believe that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to, the chances are high that you will continue to sit at your desk and do precisely what you’ve been doing your entire life. However, if you have faith in your ideas, opinions, and abilities, you will accomplish your goals and have the life you’ve always dreamed of having.

Successful people know that they are right and that they can make the right decisions for their lives to find the success that they seek. They see something that is great, or they come up with a brilliant idea, and they take action to turn that vision into a reality, rather than sitting around second-guessing their decisions. They understand things are going to be hard and that they will have to deal with setbacks and challenges, but they know that they can overcome anything.

7. Time Management

It’s rather simple to get to work each day only to discover that you are wasting a ton of time on meaningless tasks. You might be someone who spends a lot of time online checking your emails, taking unnecessary time answering phone calls, chatting with those around you when you need to ask a simple question, or spending too much time searching for the things that you need to accomplish your daily tasks.

Focusing on menial tasks throughout the day, which don’t move you toward completion of your essential job duties, is a waste of your time and will cause you to have to put in extra time at work, just to complete your daily responsibilities. The difference between successful people and the rest of the population is that successful people know how to manage their time correctly. They are extremely organized, which allows them to find what they need without wasting valuable time.

They shut their doors and turn off their email so that they can accomplish what they need to with no interruptions. They can get more done during the day, and still leave work on time. Learning how to become better organized and developing excellent time management skills will help you accomplish more and become more successful in life.

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8. Flexibility

When you have the dream of being a successful entrepreneur, learn how to be flexible. When you are pursuing success, you will not always know what’s coming and have to be flexible and willing to change course when roadblocks appear and when you experience setbacks. Successful entrepreneurs know that things won’t always be perfect and that they will have to deal with issues as they arise. They know that things can go wrong.

The difference between successful people and others is that successful people can take a step back, analyze the path they’re on, and make necessary adjustments when needed so they can get back on track. Successful entrepreneurs have to be flexible in every aspect of their business. They have to have the flexibility to change when things aren’t going their way to avoid throwing good money after bad ideas.

They have to be flexible and adapt when things are going well, and not succumb to the philosophy that if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. This allows you to stay ahead of the competition and provides you with the opportunity to find better ways to compete and exceed the expectations of your customers.

My take on this concluded is that at the end of the day, being successful is not unattainable. If you dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur, develop the seven characteristics of the entrepreneurial mindset. You don’t have to be born with this mentality, however; it takes time for it to be developed. Anyone can be successful with the right attitude. Take charge of your life, and you find that you can be as successful as you desire. The only one standing in your way is you.


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