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163 phrases to sound like genius

Intended or non intended pun still put a smile on your face.

Become the witty Genuis you are with these phrases by using double meanings and applying context creating a pun.


8 simple yet seemingly obvious tips anyone can apply and improve their English

  1. It is obviously desirable

  2. I can well imagine

  3. Broadly speaking

  4. An admirable idea

  5. In a literal sense

  6. By sheer force of genius

  7. You can imagine his charging

  8. hazard a guess

  9. It challenges belief

  10. He has an inscrutable face

  11. Very fertile in resource

  12. I am loath to believe

  13. It is essentially undignified

  14. Example is so contagious

  15. I am not in her confidence

  16. Taken in the aggregate

  17. It is a reproof to shallowness

  18. There is a misconception here

  19. I strongly suspect it so

  20. He was covered with confusion

  21. It was a just rebuke

  22. A pleasing instance of this

  23. It lends dignity to life

  24. She has a desultory liking for music

  25. It seems incredible

  26. A kind of detached ideal

  27. It blunts the finer sensibilities

  28. Beyond question or cavil

  29. A well-founded suspicion

  30. It has elicited great praise

  31. They are landmarks in memory

  32. Superhuman vigor and activity

  33. A venerable and interesting figure

  34. It is curious and interesting

  35. Gives the impression of aloofness

  36. Perfectly void of offence

  37. Regard with misgiving

  38. A stroke of professional luck

  39. An unscrupulous adventurer

  40. He spoke with extreme reticence

  41. Robust common sense

  42. Deficient in amiability

  43. Done with characteristic thoroughness

  44. A vein of philanthropic zeal

  45. Definite, tangible, and practical

  46. Too much effusive declamation

  47. A man of keen ambition

  48. It gives infinite zest

  49. Singular qualifications for public life

  50. They are bitterly hostile

  51. The despair of the official wire-puller

  52. Blind and unreasoning opponent

  53. Ignoble strife for power

  54. Surrounded by a cohort of admiring friends

  55. In an imperative voice

  56. Marked by copiousness and vivacity

  57. Touched with sombre dignity

  58. A ridiculous misconception

  59. Habitual austerity of demeanor

  60. Ostentation and lavish expenditure

  61. A person of exquisite tact

  62. Intolerant of bumptiousness

  63. The obvious danger of dallying

  64. This was grossly overstated

  65. A mass of calumny and exaggeration

  66. Inimical to religion

  67. Fraught with peril

  68. I venture to ask

  69. Attributed to mental decrepitude

  70. A strange phenomena

  71. It argues a blind faith

  72. Insatiable whirl of excitement

  73. A substratum of truth

  74. Under some conceivable circumstances

  75. Bubbling over with infectious joy

  76. Frigid dignity and arrogant reserve

  77. A profound contempt

  78. The fine art of hospitality

  79. Grim morsels of philosophy

  80. A tinge of sorrowness and jealousy

  81. Due to ignorance and barbarism

  82. Grave and monstrous scandal

  83. A splendid instance of self-devotion

  84. Amusingly exemplified in this case

  85. Recognized and powerful element

  86. A symbol of restraint

  87. An utterly fallacious idea

  88. In rapid and striking succession

  89. We learn from stern experience

  90. Pictures of an inspired imagination

  91. An astonishing outbreak

  92. Soothing words of sympathy

  93. A rather bold assertion

  94. The most enthusiastic adherents

  95. Mere tepid conviction

  96. Eminently qualified for the task

  97. Almost supernatural charm

  98. In glowing and exaggerated phrases

  99. Somewhat rich and austere

  100. An inexhaustible theme

  101. Grave and undeniable faults

  102. Perfectly chosen language

  103. All the characteristics of a mob

  104. Given to grandiloquent phrase

  105. Peculiar vein of sarcasm

  106. Froze like ice and cut like steel

  107. A generous tribute to an eminent rival

  108. Cold and stately composure

  109. Fiery and passionate enthusiasm

  110. Extraordinary violence of nature

  111. A brilliant and delightful play

  112. Rare and striking combination

  113. Preeminently qualified for the part

  114. Moderate and cautious conservatism

  115. Daring perversions of justice

  116. Devoid of rhetorical device

  117. As a great thinker has observed

  118. Almost morbid sensitiveness

  119. Discreetly stifled yawn

  120. He was dumb with wonder

  121. Scarcely less familiar

  122. Delightfully characteristic

  123. It was a profound conviction

  124. Greatly conceived and expressed

  125. Blinded by its brightness

  126. I have cudgelled my memory

  127. Exposed to imminent peril

  128. Screening a breach of etiquette

  129. By a natural transition

  130. Splendid anticipations of success

  131. A very laudable attempt

  132. Lapsed into complete oblivion

  133. With most distinguished success

  134. Like embarking on a shoreless sea

  135. A really pretty imitation

  136. Unless I greatly err

  137. Undaunted by repeated failure

  138. Became a term of reproach

  139. An epoch-making achievement

  140. In the guise of verbal nonsense

  141. Received with cordial sympathy

  142. With the most obvious sincerity

  143. Held forth with fluency and zest

  144. Gracious solicitude

  145. Punctiliously civil and polite

  146. An air of sphinx-like mystery

  147. Consumed by zeal

  148. Awaited with lively interest

  149. Sledge-hammer blows against humbug

  150. This recalls a happy retort

  151. Preeminently a case in point

  152. Exquisite precision and finish

  153. Incomparably better informed

  154. A keen eye for incongruities

  155. Polite to the point of deference

  156. To the last degree improbable

  157. People with rampant prejudices

  158. A model of chivalrous propriety

  159. By way of digression

  160. A splendid acquisition

  161. Singularly attractive fashion

  162. A kind of unconscious conspiracy

  163. Amid engrossing demands

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