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CEFR Language Guidelines: What Students at C1 Level Can Do Now & How to Progress to C2

If you are a student of a foreign language who has reached the C1 level, you may be wondering what you can do now and how to progress further to the C2 level.

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) guidelines provide a framework for language learning, which outlines the abilities and skills needed for each level of language proficiency.

In this blog post, we will explore what a student at the C1 level can currently do and what they need to do in order to progress to the C2 level according to the CEFR guidelines.

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English Levels Explained. b2 Badge for English levels. CEFRWhat Students At C1 Level Can Do – Listening

At the level C1, a student should be able to understand both spoken and written English in a variety of contexts.

They should be able to follow most lengthy conversations in various settings, from formal presentations to informal conversations. They should also be able to understand all kinds of broadcast media, such as TV, radio, and podcasts.

In order to progress from C1 to C2, a student needs to further develop their listening skills.

This means they should become adept at understanding idioms and complex expressions. They should be able to recognize nuances in speakers’ tones, such as sarcasm or irony, and they should be able to detect subtle differences between the literal meanings and connotations of words. Additionally, they should be able to understand and identify the main ideas and supporting details in more complex audio recordings.

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What Students At C1 Level Can Do – ReadingEnglish Levels Explained. b1 Badge for English levels. CEFR

At the C1 level, students should be able to read and comprehend a range of complex texts, as well as have a deep understanding of their content. They should be able to look at various elements of the text such as main ideas, details, relationships between ideas and points of view. At this level, they should also be able to identify an author’s purpose and the opinion of the author about a particular topic.

In terms of skimming and scanning, students at the C1 level should be able to quickly find and recognize relevant information from a text and also be able to read more quickly and accurately with better understanding.

Pre-A1 Level badge with a teacher teaching a class of students.In order to progress to C2, students should strive to be more proficient in reading comprehension.

This means being able to quickly identify multiple opinions from a text, being able to compare and contrast views, and being able to spot implied meanings or nuances that are not explicitly stated.

Furthermore, students need to be able to read efficiently, recognizing structures and patterns in the text, as well as being able to detect the difference between facts and opinions. Students should also strive to develop their ability to make detailed deductions from longer texts and recognize nuances in the writer’s style.


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What Students At C1 Level Can Do – WritingEnglish Levels Explained. A1 Badge for English levels. CEFR

When it comes to writing in the CEFR C1 level, students must be able to produce clear, well-structured, detailed text on complex subjects, showing control of organizational patterns, connectors, and cohesive devices.

This includes being able to write a wide variety of different texts, such as argumentative texts, reports, summaries, reviews, and notes. Students must be able to develop their own ideas through a range of structures and styles.

At C1 level, students should also be able to use vocabulary accurately and flexibly, as well as employ a range of strategies to spell words correctly. The writing should be able to be understood by native speakers without difficulty.

In order to progress from C1 to C2, students must demonstrate an increased level of sophistication in all areas of writing.

This includes producing clear, well-structured text on complex topics and be able to express opinions on abstract topics.

They should also be able to use a wide range of grammar and vocabulary accurately, as well as using language precisely and appropriately.

Additionally, they must be able to understand the stylistic conventions of written language and identify nuances in meaning.

Finally, they should be able to manipulate language for a variety of purposes and audiences, including making points more effectively.


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What Students At C1 Level Can Do – SpeakingEnglish levels explained. Little A2 Badge in photo. CEFR.

At the C1 level, students are able to understand a wide range of longer and more complex speeches in both standard and non-standard dialects. They can express themselves fluently and spontaneously without too much effort in search for words or expressions.

At this level, students can express themselves accurately on a variety of topics, using nuanced language and drawing on their own experience.

They can present a clear, detailed description or argument in a structured manner and adjust style of presentation according to different contexts.

In order to progress to C2 level, students need to work on their pronunciation and intonation to sound like native speakers. Additionally, they should be able to communicate effectively with native speakers on abstract topics and handle difficult conversations as well as discuss any topic without difficulty.

They should also be able to provide convincing explanations, elaborate and defend opinions, and give clear summaries of lectures, presentations, and discussions.


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