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We have aligned our Academic Curriculum with all parameters set by the Common European Framework of Reference for Testing Levels A1-C2.

Your current learning Level is C1 According to the Common European Framework of Reference for Testing (CEFR)

Your Level is C1 your lesson curriculum, is below students must complete level test before progressing


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Learn Laugh Speak is the only full 32,000 lesson program for reading, listening, speaking and writing that students can begin and finish and know they are learning all the modules in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Testing. (CEFR)

Our Academic Curriculum and correction tools gives students what they need to learn and speak English from day 1.

English Fluency program


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  • 32,000 Lessons from A1-C2
  • Testing for Each level According to CEFR
  • Weekly Personal Progress Analysis 
  • Schedule Accountability from Teachers
  • Classroom Quality & Guidance with Aims
  • Revision Specific To students Errors 
  • Live Lessons, Talks and Lectures 
  • Native English Support Team 
  • Clear Progress Shown weekly 
  • Ability to Speak English Alone With Real Time Corrections for Progress.

English Fluency program


$199.99 /10 Team members

  • All of Student Program +
  • Customized Pricing Plan for each Company with a dedicated area for your team separate from our global community 
  • Private Internal Group with Competition Points System for weekly winners 
  • Access to Native Teachers and Customizable English Curriculum specific for your team goals 

Modules you will complete before you advance to the next level

Learn Laugh Speak C1 Academic Learning Curriculum

"can do" Report




Functions of Language


1. Business Fundamentals

Educational Goal:

2. Let's get Political

Educational Goal:

3. English: A Strange Language

Educational Goal:

4. We Are The World

Educational Goal:

5. Business: Going Abroad

Educational Goal:

6. Knowledge is Power

Educational Goal:

7. The Justice System

Educational Goal:

8. Medicine and Health

Educational Goal:

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