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Accents, can we change them or do we need them? Simply put, can we permanently adjust it or is it just bad pronunciation? With that being said, we would like to look at different ways of adjusting pronunciation. Speaking with natives has never been so easy with our exciting new tool eliminating the nerves and constraints behind speaking to natives.

Accents are important because they define who you are. It’s hard to change your accent because it’s almost like changing your image and identity. However, if some people want to or need to change their accents, we’ll give them some tips on how they can do it.

There isn’t really an easy way to completely change your accent — some say if you train yourself too much then you lose the natural feel for that new language (even reverting back to your native language). On the other hand, if you’re just trying to be more understandable and pronounce words correctly, then this post will tell how you can do that better.

There are strong advantages for both politicians and voters in getting their voice right. Politicians benefit when they give the public the impression that they are capable, confident and trustworthy – all qualities that can be communicated through your voice. And in recent times, in an age when in the UK ‘home skills’ like baking cakes and growing fruit and vegetables are in decline, speaking in a way that suggests you have no language problems might provide an advantage to job-hunters too.

What is accent?

A lot of people mistakenly believe that they have a natural accent and cannot change it. However, the truth is that everyone has an accent, however small or big. The problem is that most people have been conditioned since birth to believe that they have a natural accent. Tone is not only the way we speak but also the attitude we have behind it. For example, if you are talking with someone who has a deep voice and they sound very professional, you will automatically assume that they are an expert in what they are talking about. You may not know what they are talking about or even care to understand what they mean, but the tone of their voice automatically gives you a better impression of them.

Obviously there is a difference between having a professional tone and having a professional knowledge on what you are speaking about. Tone itself does not make you knowledgeable in anything but it can emphasize your words. This can be great when speaking to someone who does not really want to listen to you because they will at least hear your tone and maybe even pay attention for a few minutes. Tone alone can be very powerful and can be used as an advantage when dealing with others. Along with learning how to change your tone, there are some other things you need to.

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How can you change your accent?

There are many ways to go about it and some methods we can try adapting to our everyday life. One of the most common ways we can change our accent is by learning a new language and adapting an accent with it. Not only will we learn a new language, but we will also gain a new accent along with it. This way is commonly used by many who want to change their overall voice quality.

The next method that is used by many is actually using a program such as our accent adjustment speech pronunciation English learning app. This is very effective because the user learns how to speak English, but they also pick up on the accent that comes with it. The program has been proven to be one of the most efficient methods for changing your accent and mastering a totally different language in general. It takes time and dedication, but it has been proven to work for thousands of individuals over the years!

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Accent adjusting

You will never feel like you really speak the language at first.

still don’t feel like I speak Spanish well even though I’ve been here for 2 years

On the other hand, do speak it every chance you get if you’re with people who are encouraging and supportive of your mistakes.

Be patient with yourself and others. It’s hard for most people to change their natural accents after growing up with one. If they weren’t born in the right place they’ll probably never fully sound like a local no matter how much they study or how long they live there. So just relax about it and enjoy the process!


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