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What is LLS?

Learn, Laugh, Speak is the first comprehensive English course designed to give students of all levels the tools they need to learn and speak English in a completely personalized program. With over 320 lessons, which fit within a calendar year, this proven student-learner friendly curriculum will have your student speaking english in no time!

Most traditional english courses focus on grammar rules and vocabulary without also teaching how to sound and speak like an english speaker. This makes it harder for students to understand the language or speak it comprehensively.

In contrast, Learn, Laugh, Speak teaches the sounds of each letter by using audio recordings of native speakers articulating words that match each letter’s sound. This unique approach allows students to learn and speak simultaneously without having to worry about remembering complex vocabulary or grammar structures. LEARN RIGH T LAUGH MORE SPEAK

Who are LLS?

We provide an innovative education system that is flexible, effective, and affordable. This is simply based on your mistakes in your classroom experience. 

Our English teachers are qualified with years of experience in teaching English as a second language. Each student is assigned a teacher who monitors their progress and provides support when needed. 

Learn Laugh Speak also provides a wide range of services for our corporate partners including workshops, training programs, seminars, one-on-one coaching, and individual sessions.

Where are LLS?

  • Currently, we are in 145 countries around the globe and growing. Our app is ready for download from our website, but we strongly advise using a desktop computer or tablet when in class.
  • We are located in Sydney, Australia & Cancun
  • Our unique education system makes you feel like you are learning English faster than ever before. 
  • Whether you need it for work or social reasons, learning English will greatly benefit your life regardless of your finances.

The Common European Framework of Reference

The CEFR is the most recognized document in the world when it comes to learning any language. It is a description of what you can do and understand in a language, at different levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2). The Only way to ensure you pass your next international test is to learn right and progress through the levels.   

Academic Curriculum