A love and passion that was gone is re-ignited with LLS Classes

Have you ever spent your lunch hour learning a language or rehearsing for a meeting only to find that you’ve lost the momentum and motivation by the time you get home? Have you ever put off a language class because it’s uncomfortable being surrounded by people while they correct your mistakes? Our Fluency program is different.

It’s an on-line learning platform designed to provide a digital study buddy to motivate you through every step of your language studies. From the moment your feet hit the floor in the morning, until the second before your head hits the pillow at night, LLS Fluency is right there with you – cheering you on, providing just the right amount of feedback, and pushing you forward so quickly even Google won’t know what hit them.

Because unlike traditional language learning approaches that focus exclusively on error correction, we’re dedicated to showing our students how much they’re improving everyday.

Check out the most recently links here. LA California Gazette said this recently followed by a couple of others you should have a read as to why learning with this new style is going to

Learn Laugh Speak Grants Fearless English Fluency to Non-Native Speakers

California Gazette

We have revolutionized the way you learn a language. By featuring some of the most advance tools for speech recognition, we are able to help you learn faster than any other learning platform out there

Educational Platform Learn Laugh Speak Promotes English Fluency at the Corporate Level

LA WIRE news.

We just literally took the bad out of the lessons and removed them when we had something not working we all have kept working at it. When all we needed to do was stop it. We should never continue to do something that is not working. People going to school for 10 years learning English and finishing and cannot speak when they enter university is the definition of crazy.

We are an online classroom experience with a majority of the course taught through practical in-class work using our AI speech Correction Tool. Our program is built for self-motivated, goal-oriented individuals who wish to advance their English skills from Pre-A1 to C2 proficiency on their own.

Why LLS is Changing the way people learn globally and how they do it.

Did you fail to learn a foreign language in school? LLS will give you a second chance. If you still want to reach your goal of speaking fluently, we can help you. We believe that the key to reach your dreams is in your speech.

In life we make mistakes. When you are learning a new language, it’s important to understand the importance of making mistakes. We learn about these mistakes so we can move forward in a positive manner. Our Rapid Fluency Program helps you move forward through correcting your spoken language mistakes, but not judging you on them.

Firstly, we have just applied a plan, knowledge, and what works. What does not work we have removed from the plan. Things that demotivate our students in class things that are not going to be positive. When we correct students, we nearly always knock them down so they scared. We removed this by making notes and sending the corrections in a automatic system, and teachers review later for weekly analysis.

We have all had that moment when we are encouraged to speak more. But as adults, this is shown in a different light, usually with a tone of negativity. When was the last time someone talked to you about your English pronunciation issues? Or told you that you should be using some kind of accent reduction or accent correction program for your speech?

As an adult learner, I was so thankful that I knew how to speak, read, and write English before I entered the workforce. But even then, it didn’t completely stop the negative words from people who made my confidence falter. Today, I never get asked “Where are you from?” or “You can’t speak English!” That’s because I’ve learned how to be confident in my writing abilities (and speaking abilities) in a new language.

And now that positive side of learning has made me a better speaker as well as a writer, leading me to become a contributor at several international blogs.

Imagine this

Imagine if you were never told you were wrong hewn you were learning English but corrected but not discouraged. It is common to be put off and when your adult I have seen it so much when correcting adults learners on there own but in groups is whole nother story for you.

Children should be given the freedom to develop and grow as happy, confident individuals who learn from positive experiences rather than just being told what is taught. With this new technique of teaching, empathy will be encouraged in young people around the world and children will be prepared for life by knowing that everyone makes mistakes and it is how you deal with them that counts.

Everyone any language is hard

Teaching children or adults to speak a language quickly is never easy, if you don’t have experience this it is even harder because you need to take into account the personality and needs of your students.

If you are an instructor who already speaks other languages then teaching will be easier as you already have experience in this field of expertise. Learning a language isn’t always difficult with the right help and at the end of the day we should all have something to learn. Giving a few tips on teachers I would suggest picking a teacher who has tried another language or tried to learn at some point.

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