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A Comprehensive Guide To Mastering English Through TV Series And Movies

Nowadays, English proficiency is more important than ever. Without it, finding a good job, traveling, playing at online casinos, or even understanding household item instructions can be challenging. But when it comes to learning the language, many questions arise. How do you actually learn a language? Textbooks can be boring, so is it possible to learn English from movies and TV shows? 

There are various methods for learning English: tutoring, self-study, speaking with native speakers, reading books in English, learning through conversation, and watching TV shows, movies, and TV series. The last option is particularly interesting because it allows you to both learn and have fun at the same time.

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Tips To Learn English Watching TV Series


#1 Rewatch Shows And Series

Rediscover a beloved movie or show that you already know inside out. Imagine watching a British or American series or film that has been dubbed into your language, but this time, watch it in English. You’re already familiar with the storyline, and if you’re a TV enthusiast, you might even recognize some dialogue. The best part? As you unwind, you can enhance your English vocabulary and sharpen your listening skills while following along effortlessly.


#2 Use a VPN

If you want to learn language by watching TV, it is advisable to use an additional tool – fast VPN for PC. Why is it needed? It’s simple, if you download VPN for PC, you can unblock almost any streaming service. You can also organize a stream securely on Windows with VPN, in which hackers will not be able to access your data. This can be online VPN for PC (browser extension) or an application. Whatever VPN apps you choose, you will only be able to unblock the streaming service if your VPN provider can bypass these restrictions. For example, VeePN copes well with this task.


#3 Make Notes

Television and movies provide excellent examples of the English language in action. Not only do they offer context, but they also help you learn and grasp new words and phrases. For instance, if the story takes place in an office, you’ll encounter expressions that can expand your business English. And if it’s a documentary about vacation spots, you can develop vocabulary to describe places. However, it’s important to strike a balance. We don’t recommend stopping or pausing the program constantly – understanding every word isn’t crucial. By focusing on grasping the overall story, you can still improve your listening skills and watch again for more details later.


#4 Choose the Right Content

Choosing the right TV shows and movies is essential for a great learning experience. Opt for content that you find enjoyable and interesting, while also being suitable for your English proficiency level. If you’re a beginner, it’s beneficial to start with shows that have simpler language and basic vocabulary. As you progress, challenge yourself with more advanced and complex content.


#5 Engage with Native Speakers

Watching TV shows and movies in English is not only entertaining but can also be a great way to start conversations with native English speakers. You can use the content you’ve watched as a topic of conversation, allowing you to practice your speaking and listening skills in a natural setting. So grab some popcorn and get ready to improve your language skills while enjoying your favorite shows!


#6 Gradually Eliminate Subtitles

Are you a beginner in language learning? Here’s a helpful tip: Start by watching an episode with subtitles in your mother tongue to grasp the story. Then, rewatch with English subtitles to get familiar with the characters’ speaking pace. Jot down unfamiliar words or memorable sentences. After a few days, watch the episode again without subtitles. Try predicting the characters’ dialogue and speak along with them. It’s an effective way to improve your language skills!


Best TV Shows/Movies to Learn English


#1 The Office

“The Office” is a hilarious and uniquely awkward mockumentary TV show that will have you laughing and feeling a little uncomfortable at the same time. Filmed in a documentary-style format, it portrays the daily lives of office employees in a way that feels real and unscripted.

#2 How I Met Your Mother

Meet Ted Mosby, the main character of our story. He’s sitting down with his kids to recount the tale of how he met their mother. It all began in 2005 when Ted, at the age of 27, felt inspired to settle down after his college best friend got engaged.

But there’s a twist! Ted’s friend Barney, notorious for his womanizing ways, isn’t thrilled about Ted’s plan. You see, if Ted gets married, Barney won’t have a wingman to go out and find dates with anymore. Throughout the series, we’ll dive into various stories involving Ted and his eclectic group of friends.

#3 Being Human

“Being Human” is a captivating series that follows the lives of three unconventional roommates. Both the British and American versions share a similar concept and plot, but they offer unique perspectives.

#4 Sex and the City

Join the stylish and diverse world of “Sex and the City.” Follow a group of middle-aged women who are best friends, navigating their fascinating lives and tumultuous love lives.

Leading the pack is Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), a columnist and fashion icon. Through her writing and narration, you’ll gain insights into relationships, living in New York, and the single life. Get ready for a captivating journey through friendship and romance.

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#5 Brooklyn 99

Brooklyn 99 is not your average cop show. This lighthearted sitcom features short and adorable episodes that will keep you entertained. While the fast-paced comedy may take some getting used to, by the end of the first season, you’ll be speaking like a true Brooklynite. Get ready for a fun twist on the traditional American cop show!


English subtitles not only make TV series easier to follow, but they also have additional benefits. When you read English subtitles while listening, it enhances your dual reading and listening skills. This combination helps you remember words more effectively, ultimately improving your listening comprehension. So let’s start learning English with movies together.

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