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50 phrases for any situation

1. What have you been up to?

(What have you been doing lately?)

Example conversation: Tom: Hey Luke! Long time no see! What have you been up do?

Luke: Oh you know, this and that…

2. Speak of the devil!

(= We’ve just been talking about you, and here you are!)

Example conversation: Suzy: Have you heard from Debbie recently?

Kelly: No, I haven’t. I thought she was on holiday. (Debbie walks up to Suzy and Kelly) Suzy: Speak of the devil!

3. Take care

(= Look after yourself)

Example conversation: Rob: OK, I’m going home. See you next week! Pat: Take care then.

4. Well I’ll be off then..

(= I’m going now)

Example conversation: Steve: Is there anything else you’d like me to do? John: No, that’s it for today. Thanks. Steve: Well I’ll be off then. See you tomorrow.

5. (I’ll) love you and leave you.

(= I’m going now)

Example conversation: (Lisa and Jane are chatting, and Jane’s phone rings.)

Jane: Hello? (She looks at Lisa)

Lisa: Well, I’ll love you and leave Jane: Bye!

6. Catch you later.

(= See you later) Example conversation: Nick: OK, I’m off now. Ted: OK! Catch you later! 6. Gotta dash! (I’ve got to go) Example conversation: Rob: Is that the time? Gotta dash! Jo: OK! Catch you later!

7. (I’m / He’s, etc) off out for the evening.

(= I’m / He’s etc going out for the evening)

Son: OK, See you two later! Dad: Where’s he going?

Mum: He’s off out for the evening

8. Be my guest!

(= Of course – you can do something!)

Example conversation: Passenger 1: Have you finished with your newspaper?

Passenger 2: Be my guest!

9. Help yourself!

(= Take one)

Example conversation Bill: Can I have one of your biscuits?

Anna: Help yourself!

10. Make yourself at home!

(= Sit down and feel comfortable) (John and Sue arrive at Debbie’s house for dinner. Debbie shows them in.)

Debbie: Go and sit down. Make yourself at home! What can I get you to drink?

John: Thanks, a beer please…

11. Never mind!

(= It doesn’t matter)

Example conversation: Ben: I’m sorry, but I can’t come out tonight after all. Liam: Never mind! Another time perhaps

12. No worries!

(= It doesn’t matter)

13. Would you like a hand with that?

(= Can I help you?)

Example conversation: (Shop assistant sees a customer trying to get something down from a shelf) Shop assistant: Would you like a hand with that? Customer: Oh yes please!

14. Are you alright with that?

(= Do you need help?)

Example conversation: (David sees a woman with a heavy suitcase)

David: Are you alright with that?

Woman: I’m fine, thanks!

15. Have you got a (noun) on you?

(= Do you have a / the…?)

Example conversation: Mike: Have you got the time on you? Andy: Yes, it’s almost 3 o’clock.

16. Ta! (= Thank you)

Example conversation: Barbara: I’ll leave you that magazine when I’ve finished with it.

Theresa: Ta! 19. Cheers! (= Thank you)

Example conversation: (Neil comes back from the sandwich shop)

Neil: Here’s the sandwich you wanted.

Will: Cheers mate!

17. Nice one! (= Thank you.

This is particularly used by British men.) Example situation: Someone holds the door open for you, and you say “Nice one!” as you walk through the door

18. Keep your chin up!

(= Don’t worry too much)

Example conversation: Kirsty: I just had the most terrible meeting with Dan. I think he’s going to fire me. Julia: Keep your chin up! I’m sure it’ll be fine.

19. I don’t mind.

(= Either option is fine with me)

Example conversation:

Emma: Do you fancy going out tonight or staying in?

Mark: I don’t mind. Whatever you decide…

20. By the looks of it…

(= From what I can see / understand) Example conversation:

Charles: It’s going to rain, by the looks of

21. I’ve had it up to here with…

(= I’m completely fed up with…)

Example conversation (Two children arguing with each other)

Mum: I’ve had it up to here with you two! Why don’t you go out and play?

22. Mind your own business!

(= Don’t be nosy – I’m not going to tell you what you want to know!) Example conversation: Sarah: How much do you earn? George: Mind your own business

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