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Learn English With Our AI English Tutor & Adjust, Correct & Pronounce Perfectly!

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33,000 Lessons for A1-C2 covering all testing criteria

If you are studying for the IELTS test, which international test are you preparing for? It's not enough to speak into a shiny, exciting app and make flawless sentences; you have to go beyond that. Learn more before taking an online test. 

Native Teacher Classroom Assessment of Every Lesson

Based on classroom data, teachers will review and revise your speech and errors and send only the grammar you need to learn. It's the fastest way to learn English and pass all tests.   

LLS is The Only Student Self Learning Speaking Program

 The Internationally Recognized Academic Curriculum is aligned to the CEFR, the Common European Framework of Reference for Testing, levels A1-C2. In other words, you are learning the correct English that will be tested in tests like IELTS   

LLS English Fluency Program is not just a Speech Correction tool. The only English Program designed to take you through all testing. Levels Pre A1-beginner C2 - Proficient START YOUR FREE TRIAL TODAY

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The English Fluency Program

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Instant Corrections for Perfect Pronunciation

Improved Confidence, and ability to win professional and person situations. Accent adjustment helps improve conversational skills, but more importantly, it can improve presentation and even professional skills. 

After Class Analysis and Correction of Grammar Mistakes

CEFR requires all students to develop a high level of proficiency in all aspects of English. Our homework sheets are specifically built for each student's particular strengths and weaknesses; our students learn what they need to learn and not what they don't.

Testing All Levels With Native English Teachers

The Levels A1-C2 at LLS is the only Student self learning program designed for students to learn with practice, practice, and more practice. Weekly assessment of progress.

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